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RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury

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Sayer Clinics London RSI specialist treatment Clinics in West London W8, West End W1 and Moorgate City EC2.

RSI Diagnosis

An initial examination of the painful area will look for tenderness and swelling, symptomatic of conditions such as Tenosynovitis or Epicondylitis. We also thoroughly examine the cervical and thoracic spine and shoulders as well as the muscular and nervous system which are often involved.

RSI Treatment

Once a diagnosis has been established following orthopaedic and neurological testing, mobilisation and deep tissue massage aim to improve posture, stop pain and restore strength and mobility.

We diagnose and help you correct the causative activities at the root of the problem with advice on changes to sporting techniques as well as height of computer screens and workstations, ergonomic seating, writing slopes, beds and car seats.

We prescribe regular corrective exercises to improve posture and relieve pain.

We assess and treat involved muscles, ligaments and tendons of the shoulders, neck and arm with manipulation, mobilisation, physical therapy muscular massage, ultrasound, laser and /or acupuncture.

Sofia Pinto, Marta Dias De Oliveira, Karolina Krzaczek and Katy Goncalves - Sayer Physiotherapy RSI Clinics : West End W1, Kensington W8 and City EC2

Physiotherapy Dance and Sports injuries & Massage Practitioner

Sofia, Marta and Karolina practice at Sayer Clinic Kensington W8, West London and Sayer Clinic City EC2 providing a range of musculo-skeletal therapies including:

  •  Manual Therapy
  •  Myofascial Release
  •  Trigger Point Therapy
  •  Deep Tissue & Soft Tissue Massage
  •  Lymphatic Drainage
  •  Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  •  Natural Therapies (based on Traditional Chinese Medicine)
  •  Sports Rehabilitation
  •  Ultrasound & Electrotherapy
  •  Ergonomics

Sofia, Marta, Karolina and Katy's excellent training and experience has enabled them to develop specialist physiotherapy combined with massage and manual therapy techniques for treatment and rehabilitation in a high quality interdisciplinary practice.

Their individually customised treatment concept of complementary Physiotherapy is essential for full recovery and rehabilitation. Their beneficial treatment can be combined with chiropractic, osteopathy or acupuncture.

Sofia Pinto is specialised in treating musicians, dancers and performers as well as people suffering musculo-skeletal pain or chest, rib and breathing difficulty. Sayer physiotherapists provide the best RSI specialist pain massage treatment and expert shoulder injury physiotherapy as well as hip pain, knee pain and ankle pain clinics. As specialist neck pain Physios they are also specialist in middle back pain and low back pain.

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