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Whiplash Injuries

Sayer Clinics – London’s leading Whiplash Specialist diagnostic x-ray clinics in London
Dr Marek Gibson - AxaPPP, Aviva, Cigna, HSA, BUPA GLOBAL International
Dr Ed Timings - AXAPPP, Aviva, WPA, BUPA UK & BUPA GLOBAL International

Dr Marek Gibson - AxaPPP, Aviva, Cigna, HSA, BUPA GLOBAL International

Dr Ed Timings - AXAPPP, Aviva, WPA, BUPA UK & BUPA GLOBAL International


What happens to the body with a whiplash injury? How do I know if have whiplash?

  •  Neck pain Shoulder pain and Arm pain which can start or worsen and become acute after several days
  •  Referred nerve pains in the arms, legs, feet or hands
  •  Neck strain and Headache
  •  Low back pain and stiffness
  •  Sharp burning pain and spasm between the shoulder blades
  •  Blurred vision, dizziness, headaches.
  •  Difficulty swallowing
  •  Irritability, sensitivity to light, noise, temperature and stress
  •  Fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness 
  •  Dizzy, vertigo, loss of balance and physical confidence.
  •  Nausea, vomiting.
  •  Ringing in the ears - tinnitus
  •  Vertigo - Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo BPPV
  •  Numbness and tingling anywhere in the head, face or body.
  •  Pain in the neck, jaw or face

Specialised therapeutic Massage is gentle and safe and may be very helpful.

Careful and gentle tissue mobilisation can relieve adjacent stiff spinal areas but obviously is not used on unstable, inflamed or injured areas of the spine injured by whiplash.

Physical Therapy

Acupuncture to help relieve neck and shoulder pain and spasm.apy or Physiotherapy modalities – ultrasound, massage, specific exercise rehabilitation

Postural re-training and advice on correct ergonomic seating and computer screen height and position.

Medical treatment of muscle pain includes non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which may seem to help short-term pain but actuallly impair effective healing of traumatised tissues which need to heal properly over time with intelligent advice and support.

Headache arising from the neck (cervicogenic), Joint pain, Muscle spasm and Mechanical neck pain (as opposed to neck pain following injury i.e. whiplash),   Migraine prevention, Minor sports injuries and tensions, Rotator cuff injuries, disease or disorders, Shoulder complaints (dysfunction, disorders and pain), Soft tissue disorders of the shoulder.

When injuries are assessed and diagnosis is made, muscle massage, ultrasound and graduated rehabilitation exercises may help minimise hypermobility.

We refer for MRI or CT scan without delay, if bony fracture, disc or nerve damage is suspected.

What should I do if I have had a whiplash?

Facts About Whiplash:

If car headrests are too low or more than 5 cms from the head there is increased risk of a more serious whiplash injury.

If your car seat is reclined too far back with slumped posture when driving this tends to also increase the severity of injury. With age, ligaments become less pliable, muscles become weaker, less flexible and range of motion decreases. 

Shorter people and children can be injured more seriously if they are closer to the steering wheel and airbag or have an improperly fitted seatbelt. Pre-existing arthritis can also affect the severity of injury.

Onset of symptoms is often delayed and can still cause symptoms sometimes years later following relatively minor trauma alongside osteoarthritis and accelerated neck disc and joint degeneration.

Most UK and international insurance companies cover our State-of-the-art extremely high-resolution and low-dose diagnostic x-rays at Sayer Clinics following whiplash in road traffic accidents.


Sayer Clinics Approach: 

Sayer Clinics’ Postural Rehabilitation programme is designed to improve the quality of life for chronic pain patients by incorporating a range of exercises, graduated muscle strengthening and neurological rehabilitation to recondition the muscles and nerves to help improve longterm posture

The 'wait and see' approach with longterm analgesics does little to help rehabilitate neck and spinal posture and pain-free function.


Chiropractor Dr Ed Timings - Neck x-ray and Whiplash diagnosis and treatment expert.

Dr Ed takes low-dose, high-definition digital x-rays at Sayer Clinics: Kensington and is experienced in computed digital x-ray analysis and diagnosis. He diagnoses using neurological and orthopaedic tests, postural and physical spinal examination and, if necessary, digital radiology.

Ed originally has practiced in New Zealand For 30 years as a highly pronounced sports injury expert and has successfully diagnosed a huge number of neck pain patients.

Dr Timings liaises directly with your lawyer or solicitor in injury claim cases to write medico-legal reports at Sayer Clinic: Kensington, West London W8.


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