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Green Policy

Dear Friends and Patients of Sayer Clinics!

As many of you know the founder and chairman of Sayer Clinics, Michael Durtnall has always been keen to protect the environment, so it may not come as a surprise to announce that our clinic has been undergoing some BIG GREEN changes!

We are proud and happy to share with you that we now use products at Kensington Clinic that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


We no longer use plastic cups or water bottles, instead we replaced them with compostable Vegware cups and charcoal filtered water. Our tissues and toilet paper are made from bamboo and sugarcane with no plastic packaging – just simple toilet paper!


We no longer use normal household chemicals (such as bleach, etc). We now use the eco-friendly family of products from Ecover! Our hand soap comes in refillable bottle from the Bio company.


We have been recycling waste in our clinic for many years and will keep doing so! But our big mission was to reduce the amount of plastic that we use at our clinics- so there is less of that to recycle! YES!


10 years ago we updated to digital x-rays dispensing with the need for chemical processing. Then, in 2018, we trail-blazed highly advanced, digital, low-dose imaging and our high definition images are securely sent via email.

Here is the list of some of the products that we use to inspire YOU:

Tissue and Toilet paper:
Cleaning Products (such as laundry detergents, washing liquid etc):
Compostable bin liners:
Reusable charcoal water filters:
Bio hand soap:

We at Sayer Clinics encourage everyone to step up for the environment and show some LOVE by using products that are kind and sustainable!

We welcome suggestions as to how we can ‘Green’ our company even more. Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed at Sayer Clinics.