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Are You Aware of the Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

9 April marks the beginning of Chiropractic Awareness Week.  This year it is particularly relevant in light of the many recent studies showing the ineffective and potentially dangerous aspects of current treatments for back pain. 

Recently there have been numerous studies in medical journals such as The Lancet which have shown that commonly prescribed opioid drugs used to treat chronic low back pain simply do not work and can lead to very serious addiction problems.  Similar findings have been made about other standard treatments such as injections and surgery.  There are a small number of patients with spinal problems who may potentially benefit from the treatments mentioned above, but not the majority.

There are some very important points to be made here:

1)  The cause of most cases of back pain is related to improper alignment and mobility of the spinal joints and muscles, which is a physical problem.  Logically, the most beneficial treatment is usually physical, such as the various hands on techniques used by chiropractors to improve "biomechanics", or how the spine moves and functions.  A physical problem doesn't typically resolve with a chemical approach, as when using drugs or injections.

2)  There is a significant difference between acute and chronic back pain.  These terms relate to how long a person has experienced back pain, not to how severe the pain is, as some people think.  Chronic back pain is generally thought to be that which is present for three months or more.  It is the most difficult type to treat and requires disproportionately high amounts of treatment modalities with their associated high costs.

Knowing this, it is imperative that people with back pain seek treatment such as chiropractic as early as possible after the onset of their condition.  The "wait and see" approach that is commonly recommended can be very risky, as once a condition becomes chronic it is much less likely to ever resolve.

So, if you or someone you know is experiencing back pain, rather than pop a pill and hope it might eventually go away, contact Sayer Clinics for a chiropractic consultation and get prompt, effective diagnosis and treatment.

Chris Berlingieri, BSc D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic