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Pelvic girdle pain videos launched by The Pelvic Partnership.

The Pelvic Partnership campaign launches this week to help women access treatment for Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) with two new videos to help women understand what to expect from specialist pelvic manual therapy, and how it can help rapidly and easily relieve the extremely painful symptoms of PGP which affect 1 in 5 pregnant women and make everyday tasks, like sitting, standing, walking or climbing stairs painful and difficult. 


Without proper treatment, women suffering PGP experience ongoing pain for months or years after their baby is born.  Yet PGP is readily treatable with expert manual therapy and many women with PGP are not diagnosed, or referred for treatment. Chiropractor Dr Michael Durtnall at Sayer Clinic: Kensington is a listed specialist with The Pelvic Partnership as a leading UK expert in pelvic manipulation who works very closely with his team of specialist pelvic physiotherapists: Marta Dias de Oliveira, Karolina Krzaczek, Adele Telenta and Magdalena Krzysic.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of proven, effective manual treatment of PGP amongst GPs and hospital health professionals to improve care for pregnant women, who often do not know what to expect from manual therapy when experiencing severe pelvic pain.


The Pelvic Partnership offers support and information to women with PGP through their website

The two new videos can be viewed at


Follow the campaign @pp_pgp_charity #pgpistreatable or on Facebook @PelvicPartnership

If you or someone you know suffers PGP pelvic girdle pain during or after pregnancy refer them without delay to the experts at Sayer Clinics.

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