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Sayer Clinics - World-leading POSTURE CLINICS in LONDON

Sayer Clinics - renowned as the world-leading POSTURE CLINICS in LONDON UK

Dr Michael Durtnall is the POSTURE GURU again consulted by MailOnline for his expert advice to help and educate their readers how to transform their posture.

Poor posture is the leading cause of neck, shoulder, arm pain and headaches as well as Costochondritis rib pain, chest pain and pain between the shoulder blades and you can cure it with our help to regain a flexible spine and chest with tall, upright, perfect posture.

Good posture is central to nearly all neuromusculoskeletal conditions people suffer involving your nerves, joints, muscles ligaments, tendons - all of them are affected by bad posture and aggravated even more if you have significant leg length difference of a centimetre or two, spinal pelvic rotations and lateral spinal curvature - scoliosis.

Vast numbers of people are still working from home following the Covid epidemic on inhospitable sofas, painfully perched at low coffee tables or recesses under the stairs, hunched at low screens on ergonomically terrible chairs.  Michael Durtnall was consulted to advise Mail readers  specifically “How to improve their posture and relieve back pain”.  This much praised article, full of Michael’s expertise has, unsurprisingly, lead to a deluge of requests for Initial consultation appointments at London’s Sayer Clinics from postural neck pain, back pain and costochondritis chest and rib pain sufferers who now realise their misery is caused by chronic poor posture resulting in spinal degeneration and nagging pain!   Sayer Clinics now offer posture, back and neck pain sufferers a ‘Digital Online Consultation’ with Dr Durtnall which involves completing detailed and in-depth symptom questionnaires, emailing us their postural photographs taken at home, showing their normal sitting and standing postures and, in particular, sitting at their work space or at their computer to see how badly they actually sit. Michael reviews all this information and then advises if standing, weight-bearing  low-dose, hi-resolution, digital x-rays need to be taken at Sayer Clinic: Kensington to help diagnose postural anomalies, leg length difference, swayback, kyphosis (rounded middle back), joint degeneration or calcification.   Forward-poking chin posture in particular soon causes an ugly hump at the top of the back with gradually increasing spinal degeneration in the neck and middle back with resulting nerve compressions, postural dysfunction and mind-boggling, never-ending neck, shoulder and arm pain for which cover-up painkillers just don’t work.  

When we have reviewed all the x-rays and the symptoms we then reach a clear diagnosis and advise on ideal, safe and effective treatment with our team of gifted spinal manipulators, deep tissue back massage therapists who, as a team, are essential to overall rehabilitation of posture using deep myofascial work on the chest, ribs and pectoral, intercostal, diaphragm and upper abdominal muscles and neck and back muscles. We WhatsApp to our patients specific exercise videos to regain good posture and Michael’s personal videos on ‘how to sit’ and ‘how to stand’ which is a unique approach to recalibrate your brain posture-settings to accept your new balance with chest up, shoulders relaxed, head over shoulders, looking at the horizon, not constantly down at your phone or the floor!  

Sayer’s expert posture rehabilitation program resets your posture for life towards a happy and healthy future into upright and active old age🌞 

Suffering back and neck pain?? ... just email the team at and you can see Dr Michael Durtnall or one of the team or register and book on our website for specialist back treatment at Sayer Clinic: Kensington