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INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CONSULTATION for Coccyx pain, Pelvic floor pain, Pudendal Neuralgia pain and Costochondritis Rib and Chest pain by world-leading treatment expert

World-leading specialist Michael Durtnall provides INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CONSULTATION (via e-mail) with review of your x-rays, scans, photographic postural analysis imaging, Sayer Clinics medical forms and detailed symptom and health questionnaires.

Michael Durtnall is the acknowledged world-leading neuromusculoskeletal manipulation treatment specialist for Coccyx pain, Pelvic Pain and Costochondritis, International lecturer and NeuroMusculoSkeletal health specialist.

He is a highly-respected international lecturer, Posture Specialist and treats patients who travel to see him from every country of the world.

Are you ready for virtual and remote expert treatment help in 2021?

Living with COVID increasingly means working remotely and communicating digitally. Nothing beats connecting with and physically examining patients face-to-face and clearly understanding each patient’s emotional and physical need to become free from pain.

Now, we can do the next best thing via INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CONSULTATION.

Once Michael Durtnall has reviewed all your medical information, posture and imaging, our team will provide you with your diagnosis with specific advice. We then liaise with your chosen local physical therapist, manual therapist or chiropractor in any city or country in the world with training information and online videos to explain exactly and specifically how to treat your condition. We also email you and your therapist specific advice and information with digital videos explaining every aspect of our simple rehabilitation exercises to do at home until resolution of your Coccyx, Pelvic Pain or Costochondritis condition.

To use an architectural analogy, we provide your chosen therapist with all the plans and specialist information and he or she acts as the engineer to carry out those plans. You have to find a good local therapist in your country who is prepared to listen, learn and follow our treatment instructions exactly.

Contact us at to ask us about your Digital Consultation with Michael Durtnall. Register on to create your Sayer Clinics account to get started.

With a Coccyx Pain, Pelvic pain or Costochondritis INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CONSULTATION with Michael Durtnall, ideally visit London, UK to visit Sayer Clinic: Kensington, W8 to have your low-dose, high-definition, digital, diagnostic x-rays.

We then provide your specialist diagnosis, your individual treatment plan with exercise videos for your postural rehabilitation, specific coccyx, pelvic or costochondritis exercises, our videos to show you how to sit and how to stand completely correctly to improve your spinal posture for the rest of your life.

Complete postural rehabilitation is essential to cure coccyx pain, musculoskeletal pelvic pain as well as Costochondritis with our precise treatment plans for costochondritis /Tietze’s syndrome/ Intercostal Neuralgia / chest / rib pain and dysfunction.

Michael Durtnall has developed and refined his successful techniques over 40 years to offer you his highly effective treatment advice.

What do I need to do to book the INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CONSULTATION?


1. Register to create your Sayer Clinics account here

2. Email us at to inform us that your online account has been activated

3. We will then email you a questionnaire/s to complete, and ask you to email us your postural and ergonomic images

4. Email us your full health information including medical reports, MRI and CT scan reports 

5. Dr Durtnall will review all the documents and will advise which x-rays may need to be taken either at Sayer Clinics location or in your country

6. Dr Durtnall then designs your individualised treatment plan and reaches a clear diagnosis

7. Dr Durtnall will guide and monitor your progress through your course of treatment with the practitioner/s you choose locally in your country


You choose good local therapist/s who we liaise with and guide your treatment program until you are free from pain, fitter and healthier and have your life back!

Michael Durtnall and his team will directly manage your treatment protocol and progress and will liaise with and advise the practitioners who will care for you through your course of treatment.

You will need to ask someone to take, and email us, whole body photographs of you standing side-on, back view and face-on (in very slim-fit clothes) to see your posture and ask someone to take side-view photographs  of you sitting at a computer in your normal 'bad' position without “trying to sit up straight”.

INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CONSULTATION and a follow-up assessment with advice during your course of treatment by Specialist Michael Durtnall £400

Digital X-rays at Sayer Clinic: Kensington £40 per image - 2 or more may be needed OR we can prescribe to your local radiology clinic exactly which x-ray images to take and email to Michael.

Payment for INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CONSULTATION (£400) to be made to:

Barclays Bank

Count name: The Sayer Clinic Ltd

Account Number: 40785105

Sort code: 20-53-53

We deliver individualised and effective specialist treatment guidance and expert coaching for your therapist/s.

We will then provide a follow-up email discussion during the first six weeks of treatment to assess improvement and answer questions about your progress or to further refine our treatment guidance. 

You will pay directly your local, fully qualified and insured therapist/s who will have full responsibility for your treatment.

We will do our very best to help you, however, there can be no guarantee of improvement or cure as we are not there ourselves as your hands-on therapists!

Please contact us only by email at with any questions or for assistance.

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