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Low back Discs and pinched nerves - Lumbar Radiculopathy

London Chiropractor Dr Briony Geekie writes from Sayer Clinics Kensington W8 and The City EC2.

We wish to make it clear that all references to 'Dr' refer to 'Doctor of Chiropractic - not 'Doctor of Medicine'. 

Our chiropractors are highly qualified health practitioners who do not treat patients with drugs or surgery. We diagnose using widely accepted neurological and orthopaedic tests, chiropractic spinal examination and digital radiology and treat patients with safe and effective manipulation, physical therapy modalities and postural rehabilitation

Symptoms of lumbar radicular pain present as shooting pain in the leg, with or without low back pain or stiffness, loss of motor control or strength, in one or both of the legs, tingling and numbness into the legs or feet.

The discs in the spine are similar to doughnuts, they are like jelly encased in a more solid structure called annular fibres, which are predominantly made up of collagen connective tissue. Collagen in all parts of the body starts to decrease with age, so as skin starts to wrinkle, so do our discs, becoming weaker and unable to withstand the forces we put on them. When we overload our discs with repetitive bending or in combination with lifting we risk displacing the disc and causing a compression on its closest nerve root. This in turn will cause excruciating pain in the back and down the arms or legs.

Many people believe surgery is the only answer, however, the Chiropractors at Sayer Clinics are spinal specialists who know exactly how to safely treat and relieve your symptoms.

The first thing to do when you feel you may be experiencing a displaced disc is to come in to get fully checked with a detailed case history, a thorough neurological and orthopaedic examination and our amazing digital x-rays so we can then determine the extent of the damage.

We treat disc injuries with gentle Chiropractic adjustments, Medical or Japanese Acupuncture, Soft tissue Bodywork Shiatsu or Physical Therapy Massage and Mobilisation as well as exercises to stabilise the joints and help minimise disk pressure on the nerves.

Spinal Stenosis is a condition occurring typically in older people and can be as a result of previous surgery, a long standing, chronic disc bulge or prolapse or a bony osteophytic growth due to spinal instability and misalignment with spinal degeneration. This may cause permanent compression of the spinal nerve roots and potentially never-ending leg pain, weakness or numbness. However, simple straightforward neural mobilization exercises from your chiropractor can help mobilise the nerves to decrease your pain.

Lumbar radiculopathy can be a very debilitating condition with many people offered surgery or told to just “live with it” This is not inevitable, as a lot of research evidence past and present shows that conservative care, like Chiropractic can help dramatically reduce your pain and suffering.

Don’t suffer any longer. Call Ines or Dulce to book with one of our incredibly gifted  London chiropractors today in London W8, W1 or book online for Chiropractic or Osteopathy London EC2 at Sayer City practice close to London Wall, Liverpool Street , Moorgate and Bank Tubes and put a spring back in your step.

I look forward to seeing you soon.