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Sochi is taking the winter sports world by storm and if you are anything like me you will be itching to grab your skis and head to the nearest snow covered mountains. 

 After watching Jenny Jones nail it in the snowboarding last Sunday I started fancying myself as a pro snowboarder albeit that Ed Leigh would now class my age as Jurassic!! hey, a girl can dream!!


One theme that has been running through the 2014 Games is "Core strength, core strength, core strength" Low back flexibility pops up from time to time and strong legs!

So how many of you snow bunnies out there have been pre-season training in the gym, quivering as you convert that Christmas excess into abs of steel, sweating as you pump out that last set of leg-presses or visiting your nearest Chiropractor to correct any spinal or pelvic malfunctions to loosen you up before you board the plane?

As an ex ski-instructor I used to spend many a cold day on the mountain teaching people to brace the core, feel the abs, attack the mountain and all I would see was upper bodies flailing all over the show throwing the skier off-balance and watching them "ragdoll" down the mountain.

When taking to the mountains imagine your body is like a car, your legs are the wheels, working hard below your body and acting like shock absorbers while your upper body cruises smoothly down the run without the risk of whiplash, low back pain and minimalizing the inevitable aches and pains that greet you first thing the following morning.

Fundamentals for gaining far more enjoyment for your time on the snow is, correct those little niggles that will "just go away" How many times have I heard that one post skiing holidays! make the time to book that Chiropractic appointment. Lengthen and stretch those tight hamstrings that have developed from sitting at a desk 40 hours a week, these directly impact on the pelvis and sacroiliac joints by pulling them into a distorted and painful position.

And those of you skiing properly will no doubt suffer from a touch of low back pain due to weakening through the core. The core is fundamental to everything from sitting at your desk to hammering through champagne powder,Train it hard and thoroughly, but avoid sit ups!!

At Sayer clinics we have a team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and massage therapists who can help with stretching, releasing and locating the core. With my skiing background I can develop you a step-by-step guide to basic exercises and stretches to help you land back on British soil accident and injury free.
I look forward to seeing you soon. Have fun and don't forget your helmet!

Dr Briony Geekie - Sports Chiropractor - practices at Sayer Clinics EC2, W1 and W8 and offers expert SayerSki spinal health and ski injury treatment.

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