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Exciting changes at Sayer Neck Pain, Back Pain and Sports injury City Clinic EC2

You want early morning city back pain appointments from 7am - Now you've got them!!!

You wanted late appointments til 8pm to see Sayer Chiropractors in EC2, East London and the city - You've got them!!!

Doctor of chiropractic George Ioannidis's devoted following of city patients can now refer their colleagues relatives and friends early or late - you can get an invaluable free telephone consultation with Dr George so you can be sure you're seeing the right person to fix your neck pain, back pain or sports injury.

Register-book-pay-online at www.sayerclinics.com and book your family and friends suffering knee pain and any musculoskeletal problems from sports injuries to headaches to arthritis, hips, back, neck shoulder arm pain, knee pain or posture rehabilitation. 

All our back pain therapists are highly qualified health practitioners who do not treat patients with drugs or surgery. We diagnose using widely accepted neurological and orthopaedic tests, chiropractic spinal examination and digital radiology and treat patients with safe and effective manipulation, physical therapy modalities and postural rehabilitation.

If you need any help booking online please phone Ines or Ruxsandra 8am-8pm on 020 7937 8978 to book to start your new phase towards painless movement with our wonderful Chiropractors in EC2 City!!! Just read Our testimonials and you'll soon see why Sayer Clinics are the leading clinics in the UK!!!