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For Back and Neck Pain consult our experts without delay.

Dr Marek Gibson - Chiropractor

Sayer Clinic City, EC2

A recent Sayer Clinic patient survey has shown that almost half our new patients suffering with back pain or neck pain visited a GP before consulting our physiotherapists or chiropractors in the city.

General practitioners usually offer you pain relief and refer you for xrays, tests or NHS physiotherapy with many weeks of delay.

But if you are in severe or chronic pain you need expert help as soon as possible to treat the root cause of your pain. Most back and neck pain has a mechanical or postural cause and is benign without worrying disease processes involved.

Consult London’s leading Chiropractors & Physiotherapists - without delay

Most GPs have minimal training in back pain, usually offer pain relief or a long wait for NHS physiotherapy but are only too pleased when patients proactively seek expert hands-on help. Our highly trained chiropractors and physiotherapists quickly recognise if a new patient is unwell and if their back pain may involve pathology. We take low-dose, high-definition, standing, weight-bearing digital x-rays to find the accurate diagnosis or refer you for MRI or other specific scans without delay. We will refer you directly to a specialist or to your GP if we diagnose possible pathology or nerve root compression requiring surgical intervention.

Sayer Clinics have the most prestigious reputation with a worldwide-following for our successful treatment of neuromusculoskeletal conditions including neck and back pain as well as costochondritis, coccyx and pelvic pain at our clinics in Kensington W8, Marylebone W1 and the City EC2. We hold the best reputation in London, Britain and Europe for our efficient diagnosis, effective treatment and intelligent advice in resolving back pain, neck pain and sports injuries.

Consult Sayer Clinics first and, if your request it, we will keep your GP informed of your progress. When your GP or consultant refers you to us we will keep them posted on your progress.

If you want to be seen quickly for relief of severe lowback spasms and pain or to get careful and gentle treatment for agonising neck pain with radiating pain between the shoulders, we always go out of our way to try to find you your initial consultation appointment within hours at one of our Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics across London, or at least within 24 hours, even as an early morning, lunchtime or evening appointment. 

Our doctors and therapists are covered by most medical insurers and our extremely helpful Manager Alexandra and Lucie will advise you how to reclaim treatment fees if you are covered by insurance. We will clearly explain to you how many treatments may be needed and the necessary rehabilitation required to properly resolve your spinal, musculoskeletal or sports injury.

Call us on 020 7937 8978 to arrange a telephone consultation to ask my advice. A telephone consultation with me or one of my colleagues is easily arranged by our clinic staff and we will call you back to listen to your symptoms and advise you what diagnostic approach or treatment choice may be best for you

..... Or book a free 15 minute consultation at W8, W1 or EC2 to hear how we can help you

.....Or simply Register and Book via for your first chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture or shiatsu/ massage consultation and treatment online 

X-rays are taken, if needed, at our Kensington W8 clinic. 

We are here to help you 8am-8pm Mondays to Fridays & Saturdays 9am-2pm


Dr Marek Gibson (Senior EC2 Chiropractor)

Sayer Clinic: City,

80, Coleman Street,

Moorgate, EC2      

020 7937 8978


Book online 24/7 here  or email or talk to Alexandra or Lucie on +44 (0)207 937 8978 8am to 8pm

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