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Your data information is safe – Secure Connection Using SSL

Proper encryption for your data information over the internet is a necessity and  certainly not an option. To ensure your data is safe, we can confirm that we have taken steps to ensure we have SSL certificates across Sayer Clinics website.

Whenever a web page asks you for sensitive information, you need to be able to identify if the page is secure or not.  The ability to recognize a secure web connection is extremely important as online fraud cases have increased substantially from year to year.  This FAQ is intended to guide you to safer online booking.

What exactly do we mean by "secure"?

Anytime you view a website, information is sent from your computer to the web server and from the web server to your computer.  The transmission of this information is normally sent in "plain text", meaning anyone would be able to read it should they see it. 

The solution to this problem is to encrypt this data for transmission.  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) was created for this very purpose.

SSL uses a complex system of key exchanges between your browser and the server you are communicating with in order to encrypt the data before transmitting it across the web.  A web page with an active SSL session is what we mean when we say a web page is "secure".

All web pages asking you for sensitive information should be secured using SSL!

To emphasize the importance of encrypting sensitive data, Google Chrome displays a clear warning next to the address bar whenever you visit a website that doesn’t encrypt potentially sensitive data, such as forms.

How can I tell if a web page is secured?

There are two general indications of a secured web page:

1) Check the web page URL

Normally, when browsing the web, the URLs (web page addresses) begin with the letters "http".  However, over a secure connection the address displayed should begin with "https" - note the "s" at the end.

Try it! - Visit our home page (https://www.sayerclinics.com/). Note the URL begins with the "https" meaning this page is secure.


2) Check for the "Lock" icon



There is a de facto standard among web browsers to display a "lock" icon somewhere in the window of the browser (NOT in the web page display area!) 

For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer displays the lock icon in the lower-right of the browser window:

THE LOCK ICON IS NOT JUST A PICTURE!  Click (or double-click) on it to see details of the site's security. 


At Sayer Clinics we take your security and privacy very seriously and we are happy to ensure the highest level of security whilst you browse our website.