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Products Available

Thumper Mini Pro2 Massager

Thumper Massager designed and patented the original deep muscle percussion massagers.

Since 1974, Thumper Massagers have been used by professionals in more countries than any other massager.

Thumper uses direct drive percussion – others use circular flywheel vibration.

A lot of power in a little package, The MINI PRO2 is a professional strength massager in a personal, self-use size. Using the same patented Thumper percussive action, the MINI PRO2 was designed for those hard to reach areas like the shoulders and mid-back. Weighing only 1.4 kg, the MINI PRO2 has three electronically regulated power settings for use on both thick and thin muscles.


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HÅG H04 4600 with Neck Rest

HÅG H04 Chair

Relieve nagging neck pain, aching shoulders and arms, RSI, coccyx and back pain.

HÅG has been developing, producing and marketing original chairs in Scandinavia since 1943.

The keywords behind HÅG H04 are balance and freedom of movement.

Balance is the best starting point for movement; and freedom of movement, because if you can move freely, you can concentrate fully on your work without pain. With a traditional but contemporary visual design this is the perfect chair for all companies and offices.

Sayer Clinics provide the very best service by focussing on your needs.

HÅG H04 4600 has a high back. Height and breadth-adjustable armrests are included. Standard 150 mm gas lift. The footbase is available in black or silver. Order Hard castors for soft flooring or soft castors for hard floors. Polished footbase and 200 mm gas lift are optional. Choice of fabrics, suedes or leathers with speedy delivery for pain sufferers to your home or office.

Experience wonderful relief from nagging neck pain, aching shoulders, arms, RSI & back pain at your office desk or home computer.

At Sayer Clinics we treat but also importantly help our patients’ employers provide them with a spinally optimal Swedish HAG Credo or HO4 chair with neck rest which allows the chair to recline RIGHT BACK at a dramatic angle with a supporting neck-rest for surfing the net, phoning and talking, but which can then tilt far forward with your feet tucked under the chair and thighs tilted down at 25 degrees with ‘back straight’ to work on the keyboard. This takes all pressure off coccyx problems and gives good working posture with no forward poking neck strain and helps avoid the gradual onset of a hump!

We love them.  All clinic staff and family have had them over the last 20 years.

Sayer Clinics' recommended HAG chair supplier to order your Hag chair is Back2 in Wigmore Street , London, W1 -