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Dr Dominic Metcalfe - Chairman Sayer Clinics

Dr Dominic Metcalfe - Chairman Sayer Clinics


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Dom founded the clinic in New Malden in 1982 and moved it to its present site in 1998. He has mentored a number of chiropractic associates over this time and has seen the clinic grow into the thriving healthcare centre that it is today. In over 42 years of practice he has personally helped over 20,000 different patients in the area and has a wealth of experience in spinal conditions. 
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Dr Dominic Metcalfe is the new owner and Senior Backpain, Neckpain, Costochondritis, Coccyx and Pelvic Pain Practitioner at Sayer Clinics London W1, W8 and EC2.


Dominic has huge experience having founded the New Malden Clinic in 1982 where he developed an excellent team providing efficient, caring and effective treatment with innovative and intelligent healthcare advice. 


Dominic has mentored many chiropractors and now guides Sayer Clinics, London's leading Neck Pain and Back Pain Clinics for your BEST Spinal treatment in London for Back Pain and Neck Pain patients. 


Dominic has personally helped over 20,000 sufferers with Neuro-MusculoSkeletal and spinal pain conditions using his high-definition, low-dose digital X-ray diagnosis knowledge and expertise and a broad range of gentle and effective treatment for musculoskeletal and spinal conditions:

  •  Neck pain, Shoulder and Arm pain
  •  Cervicogenic Migraines & Headaches
  •  Back pain & Sciatica
  •  Coccyx dysfunction & pain
  •  Pelvic pain - MSK Pudendal Neuralgia) 
  •  Pelvic pregnancy sciatica(SPD-symphysis pubis diastasis and  Sacroiliac Joint (SIJ) dysfunction)
  •  Rib pain, Costochondritis, Tietze's syndrome, Intercostal    Neuralgia)
  •  Posture rehabilitation

Many patients get great relief from chiropractic spinal joint adjustment, while others prefer not to have any "clicking" of joints. Dr Dominic uses a wide variety of techniques for maximum patient comfort, and is expert in gentle mobilisation and stretching, rather than any joint manipulation, if requested by patients.