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Our Practitioners

Nobue Imai CTA Meridian

Nobue Imai CTA Meridian

'World-renowned' Japanese Acupuncture Specialist

Nobue practices at Sayer Clinic Kensington W8

Nobue is a brilliant, world-renowned Japanese Acupuncturist - her treatment includes acupuncture and meridian therapy with many years’ experience and expertise in treating many of the most difficult cases with highly successful results and outcomes.

Her Acupuncture treatment is Japanese Kiko Style with Meridian Therapy very gentle and effective in balancing energy meridians and immune system.

Nobue Imai approaches the main complaint but focuses first on organ disorder or meridian imbalance.

Nobue is very welcoming and specialises in calming, soothing treatment for first-time and nervous patients.

Conditions Treated:

  •  Emotional Healing: Anxiety Stress Depression
  •  Pain: Back Neck Sciatica Migraine
  •  Digestion Problems
  •  Fertility Acupuncture
  •  Allergies


Nobue is always in demand for regular 'Body & Soul' maintenance