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Our Practitioners

Briony Geekie MChiro

Briony Geekie MChiro

Doctor of Chiropractic

All Dr Briony's patients have now transferred to the care of Dr Marek Gibson who practices at Sayer Clinics: City Clinic EC2,  Welbeck Street W1 and  Kensington W8.

Please read Dr Marek's profile and book appointments to continue your treatment with Marek who has secure access to all your treatment notes, x-rays,  reports and scan findings viewable in all 3 Sayer Clinics so Marek knows all about your case to ensure treatment continuity. In addition, Dr Marek is exceptionally gifted and skilled and is very thorough, kind and caring.


Briony practiced at Sayer Clinics: Marylebone W1 and at Kensington W8

Briony is exceptionally talented in neck, shoulder, arm pain and lower back pain and sciatica. She is also expert in manual ART muscle techniques and is trained in Webster Technique for Pregnancy malposition.

Briony graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with a Masters degree in 2009. She greatly enjoys Chiropractic practice and is an excellent clinician who is greatly appreciated by her patients.

Briony has expertise in a wide variety of techniques to help her enthusiastic following of patients who have suffered from:
Low back pain, sciatica, spinal disc problems, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, migraines, headaches, neck related dizziness, hip pain, pelvic and sacroiliac pain, knee pain, whiplash and sports related injuries. Briony is also qualified to treat Benign Proximal Positional Vertigo and is specialised in the Webster Technique in the treatment of pregnancy pelvic pain conditions.

While many patients get great relief from chiropractic spinal adjustments, others may prefer not have any "clicking" of joints. Briony uses a wide variety of techniques for maximum patient comfort, and can utilise gentle mobilisation and stretching, rather than joint manipulation, if requested by patients.

Treatment Techniques:

  •  Spinal adjustments
  •  Diversified technique
  •  Low Force Technique
  •  Mobilisations
  •  Myofascial trigger point therapy
  •  Muscle release and ART techniques
  •  Ultrasound
  •  Western Medical Acupuncture

Briony Geekie Says:

"I love treating patients of all ages and helping them to understand more clearly their symptoms, then working with them to help them function better and prevent reccurrence of their injury".

Briony has also studied and has qualified to treat horses and dogs, a part of her clinical work about which she is very proud and passionate.


General Chiropractic Council, International Veterinary Chiropractic Association, Webster Technique Practitioner


British Chiropractic Association

Royal College of Chiropractors

International Chiropractic Paediatric Association

UK and International health insurance companies registered with:

Aviva,  Cigna, Standard Life, BUPA UK and BUPA International and most other private insurance companies.

GCC Registered Chiropractor