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Our Practitioners

Chris Berlingieri, BSc D.C.

Chris Berlingieri, BSc D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Senior Chiropractic Practitioner at Sayer Clinics

Doctor of Chiropractic (1991) New York Chiropractic College.            

USA National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Diplomate.

Chris practises at Kensington W8.

Specialist in:

  •  Cervicogenic headaches
  •  Costochondritis / Intercostal Neuralgia / Rib pain
  •  Neck pain
  •  Low back pain, Sciatica / Scoliosis
  •  Spinal Discs
  •  Coccyx pain 
  •  AXA PPP - AVIVA - CIGNA - BUPA UK & BUPA GLOBAL / International Specialist

Chris is a very caring, highly experienced and extremely knowledgeable specialist chiropractor with BUPA, BUPA International, Aviva and Cigna for diagnosis and treatment of Cervicogenic headaches, Neck pain, Low Back Pain, Disc prolapse and nerve compression.

Dr Chris Berlingieri is exceptionally talented With 30 years, experience in examination and accurate diagnosis with advanced digital xray skills. Chris's patients count on his painless, safe, expert chiropractic manipulation, mobilisation, digital X-rays, physical therapy modalities (laser & ultrasound), therapeutic massage & medical acupuncture to restore mobility, function and health. 

Many patients get great relief from chiropractic spinal joint adjustment, while others prefer not to have any "clicking" of joints. Chris uses a wide variety of techniques for maximum patient comfort, and is expert in gentle mobilisation and stretching, rather than any joint manipulation, if requested by patients.

Conditions Treated:

  •  Low back pain and spinal degeneration arthrosis
  •  Neck disc - cervical pain - facet joint pain
  •  TMJPosture rehabilitation and neck related injuries  
  •  Migraine Headaches / dizziness (from neck dysfunction) 
  •  Costochondritis, Intercostal Neuralgia, Slipped Rib & Rib Pain
  •  Shoulder and arm pain 
  •  Sciatica and referred leg pain  
  •  Back pain, Disc bulge, disc prolapse and nerve compressions 
  •  Hip pain, sacroiliac pain and osteoarthrosis



Registered specialist with UK and International Health insurance companies

  •  BUPA UK
  •  BUPA International / Global
  •  Aviva
  •  Cigna
  •  Standard Life
  •  WPA
  •  Simply Health 

GCC Registered Chiropractor