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Our Practitioners

Sofia Ornellas Pinto BSc MSc HCPC

Sofia Ornellas Pinto BSc MSc HCPC

Chartered Physiotherapist HCPC 

Practices at Sayer Clinic: Kensington W8 and Mayfair W1 

Dancers and Musicians injury specialist

Pelvic Pain specialist 

Sayer Clinics' amazing senior specialist physiotherapist Sofia Ornellas Pinto is advanced in classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance), qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy and has unique skill and hands-on expertise in Musculoskeletal, Sports and Pelvic Pain Physical Therapy.

She gained her MSc in Dance Science from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in 2012 and has researched, brilliantly presented and published her work internationally.

Sofia Pinto skilfully assesses and expertly treats and rehabilitates your condition with her intelligent, sensitive and enthusiastic personality whilst teaching you to achieve optimal health.

Musculoskeletal techniques:

  •  Body Posture, Workstation and Ergonomic correction
  •  Myofascial Deep Tissue Work, Trigger Point release and Acupuncture
  •  Manual therapy (physiological and accessory mobilization and Mulligan concept)
  •  Strengthening, stretching and conditioning based on muscle chains interaction
  •  Balance, stabilization and proprioceptive training
  •  Pre and Post Natal Therapy

Conditions Treated:

  •  Headaches
  •  Joint and ligament pain, sprain and instability
  •  Muscle and tendon pain, stiffness, injury
  •  Nerve entrapment or inflammation (sciatica or neck, shoulder and arm pain)
  •  Sports and traumatic injuryi
  •  Spinal pain and injury 
  •  Pelvic pain - myofascial and trigger point therapy
  •  Lymphatic Drainage

  • Sofia is an excellent and listed pelvic pain expert in www.PudendalHope.com in Sayer Clinics' unique pelvic pain team of pelvic and coccyx pain clinics in London. Our hands-on pelvic joints and muscle manipulation is the best pelvic pain treatment in London.

Sayer Clinics London Physiotherapy Practices specialise in treatment of musculoskeletal, postural and sports injuries with a strong emphasis on advanced manual therapy skills.