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Ayako Kato BA MSc (TCM)

Ayako Kato BA MSc (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practices at Sayer Clinic: W8 West London

Acupuncturist and Shiatsu practitioner




Ayako is a brilliant, world-class Acupuncturist and highly experienced Shiatsu practitioner with a wealth of experience. She originally trained in Japan and practised there for many years. Ayako gained a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Middlesex University, one of the top academic institutions in this field. She has experience of working with a wide range of patients from many different countries, and is a fluent English speaker.

Ayako is specialist in the rare Japanese Meridian Style Acupuncture and tailors her treatment for each patient. She also uses Medical Acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Meridian (TCM) Acupuncture. Ayako adopts whichever style will best help the patient’s condition and health.

Ayako specialises in treating internal organ problems, immune imbalance, pain management and fertility. As part of her Masters degree studies, she focused on acupuncture treatment of asthma.

Ayako says:

“Having studied and worked in Japan, Australia, and the UK, I have a great deal of experience in treating patients for whom English is not their native language. I understand the importance of putting all patients at ease.

I enjoy helping patients with all conditions and have a particular interest in complicated and hard to treat problems such as asthma and fertility issues."

Conditions treated:

  •  Back and Neck Pain treatment including Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee and foot Pain
  •  Pain management with dry needling and shiatsu
  •  Internal organ problems
  •  Immune system imbalances
  •  Fertility issues
  •  Allergies with Japanese acupuncture (Kiiko Matsumoto Style)

Memberships and Associations

MATCM (member of Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture UK)

MCNHC (member of Complementary Natural Healthcare Council)

MCThA (member of Complementary Therapists Association