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Marek Gibson, MSc D.C

Marek Gibson, MSc D.C

Practices at Sayer Clinics: Kensington W8

Marek is a highly experienced, caring and extremely knowledgeable chiropractor, a specialist with Cigna - Aviva - HSA, AxaPPP and BUPA GLOBAL for cervicogenic headaches, neck pain, low-back pain and disc nerve compressions.

Dr Marek graduated from the Anglo-European collage of Chiropractic with a Masters degree in Chiropractic in 2003. He has extensive clinical experience in treating a wide range of clinical conditions. As well as being exceptional at effectively treating neck and shoulder pain, arm pain, chest and thoracic pain, lower back pain and sciatica, he treats a wide variety of wrist, knee and ankle conditions.

He has 20 years extensive experience in treating all types of patients from office workers to sportsmen, including GB athletes, pro-golfers and wrestlers from the WWE.

Marek's excellent and caring treatment provides a wide range of safe and effective chiropractic techniques to suit any age and treatment preference. Marek's patients may benefit from Sayer Clinics' Digital X-ray system to accurately diagnose and treat your condition and restore you to pain-free mobility and function.

Most patients feel great relief from his careful and measured spinal manipulation, while others prefer even lower force techniques to no manipulation at all. Marek’s diverse range of techniques offers maximum patient comfort so that he can give gentle mobilisation and stretching, rather than joint manipulation, if requested by patients.

Conditions treated

  •  Neck disc - cervical pain - facet joint pain
  •  Costochondritis / Intercostal Neuralgia / Rib pain 
  •  NeckShoulder and arm pain
  •  Headaches and dizziness (from the neck)
  •  Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  •  Low back pain
  •  Disc bulge, disc prolapse and nerve compressions
  •  Sciatica and referred leg pain 
  •  Hip pain & Knee pain
  •  Ankle, foot and toe problems
  •  Posture and neck related injuries
  • Coccyx pain


Treatment techniques

  •  Spinal manipulation - Diversified technique 
  •  Sacro-Occipital therapy (SOT) 
  •  Thompson drop techniques 
  •  Activator protocol 
  •  Flexion Distraction 
  •  Trigger point therapy
  •  Mobilisation techniques
  •  Ultrasound 


Marek works with the following health insurance:

  • AxaPPP
  • Cigna
  • Aviva
  • HSA
  • GCC Registered Chiropractor