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Our Practitioners

Yuki Nishikubo

Yuki Nishikubo


Yuki practises at Sayer Clinic W1 with Acupuncture, integrative medicine and Therapeutic Massage


Yuki Nishikubo provides brilliant Japanese massage and acupuncture with a wealth of knowledge and experience in integrative medicine.

Yuki has practised as an Acupuncturist in hospitals providing remedial massage, lymphatic drainage and pre-natal massage in Japan, Canada, Australia, the Caribbean and London. 


She is expert in diagnosis, analysis and in detecting factors contributing to poor health.


Yuki expertly relieves pain with targeted and individually-customised deep muscle work. She treats to balance the subtle energies of the body for musculoskeletal balance. Treatment with Yuki will leave you feeling restored and released from pain. 



Conditions treated:

  •  Shoulder and neck pain
  •  Frozen shoulder
  •  Lower back and hip joint pain
  •  Strain/sprain
  •  Sciatica
  •  Sports injury
  •  Migraine
  •  Fatigue 



CThA: Complementary Therapists Association