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Our Practitioners

Paul Charvolen, D.C.

Paul Charvolen, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic and Sports scientist.

Practices at Sayer Clinic: Mayfair W1 and City EC2.

Dr Paul Charvolen is a highly qualified French chiropractor, who confidently understands and promotes fitness to help all his patients at Sayer Clinics to improve and heal.

Dr Paul is dually qualified in Sports Science and as a Doctor of Chiropractic with excellent communication skills and a highly-tuned hands-on ability in the treatment of chronic and acute back pain and sciatica as well as neck, shoulder and arm pain and cervicogenic headaches.


  •  Welsh Institute of Chiropractic. University of South Wales: Master of Chiropractic.
  •  Faculty of Sport Science Nice, France: BSc in Adapted Physical Activity and Health.

Dr Paul has worked with autistic children where non-verbal communication is key and where he helps provide optimal health via simple communication of medical concepts with care and sensitivity.

Sayer Clinics’ amazing sports injury specialist is qualified with a BSc in sports science combined with his unique manual skills and hands-on expertise in musculoskeletal, sports injuries with a special interest in football injuries rugby and tennis.

Dr Paul skilfully assesses, expertly treats and rehabilitates your condition with intelligence and enthusiasm while helping to calmly guide you to achieve optimal fitness and health.

Musculoskeletal techniques:

  •  Body Posture rehabilitation
  •  Workstation and Ergonomic correction
  •  Trigger Point release.
  •  Manual physiological mobilisation.
  •  Strengthening, stretching and conditioning based on muscle chains interaction.
  •  Balance, stabilisation and proprioceptive training

Paul’s excellent and caring treatment provides a wide range of safe and effective chiropractic techniques to suit any age and treatment preference.

Paul’s patients benefit from Sayer Clinics' state-of-the-art high-definition and low-dose Digital X-ray imaging system to accurately diagnose and treat your spinal or musculoskeletal condition and to rapidly restore you to pain-free mobility and function.

Most patients feel great relief from Paul’s careful and measured spinal manipulation, while others prefer even lower force techniques to no manipulation at all.

Paul’s diverse range of techniques offers maximum patient comfort so that he can provide gentle mobilisation and stretching, rather than joint manipulation, if preferred by patients.

Conditions treated:

  •  Neck disc, cervical pain, neck facet joint pain
  •  Shoulder and arm nerve pain
  •  Posture and neck related injuries
  •  Headaches and dizziness from the neck.
  •  Low back pain
  •  Disc bulge, disc prolapse and nerve compressions
  •  Sciatica and referred leg pain
  •  Hip pain & Knee pain
  •  Ankle, foot and toe problems
  •  Joint and ligament pain, sprain and instability
  •  Muscle and tendon pain, injury
  •  Nerve entrapment or inflammation
  •  Sports and traumatic injuries.
  •  Spinal Postural pain
  •  Treatment techniques:
  •  Spinal manipulation
  •  Diversified technique
  •  Trigger point therapy
  •  Deep tissue mobilisation techniques


Paul is registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC)