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Clara Kervyn De Meerendre BSc MSc HCPC

Clara Kervyn De Meerendre BSc MSc HCPC

Clara Kervyn De Meerendre BSc MSc HCPC

Chartered Physiotherapist and Women’s Health Specialist

Practises at Sayer Clinics:  Kensington W8

Clara is a physiotherapist registered with Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC). She is a member of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and a member of Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy Association (POGP).

Clara is originally from Belgium and graduated with BA (Hons) in Biomedical Sciences and completed her Masters degree in Physiotherapy at Northumbria University. She is currently completing a Clinical Pilates course for Physiotherapists.

Clara is an excellent manual therapist and uses soft tissue mobilisation techniques, trigger points therapy, acupuncture, cupping and taping. She applies a broad range of hands-on therapy techniques and specific exercises to optimally help each patient. She has experience in treating postnatal women's health conditions and children with pediatric physiotherapy.

Clara is a keen athlete with a special interest in tennis at international level, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and crossfit.

Clara is expert in diagnosis, effective treatment and intelligent advice for: 

* Neck pain

* Thoracic spine pain

* Chest / rib / costochondritis pain 

* Low back pain & sacroiliac pain 

* Hip and groin pain

* Shoulder pain

* Tennis & golfer's elbow, RSI

* Sports injuries

* Pudendal neuralgia, pelvic pain

* Coccyx dysfunction