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Inês Henriques

Inês Henriques

Worldwide International Certified Performance Coach & NLP Practitioner

Professional Member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) International CIC

Inês is working in collaboration with Sayer Clinics’ practising worldwide via Skype.

As a recovering workaholic, procrastinator and perfectionist, Inês Henriques has spent the last years learning how to move beyond these habits, becoming an accredited Personal Performance Coach and a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

Being truly passionate about enjoying life, Inês believes the greatest successes come when people embrace their passions. It’s her mission to support people as they reconnect with their inner-self while at the same time minimising stress, anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed, while maximising productivity.

Inês Henriques's experience has developed within the education, healthcare, fitness and environmental finance sectors enabling her to acquire new interests and gain a variety of skills, invaluable experiences and industry knowledge.

The work Inês does with her clients contributes to organisational and behavioural change:

  •  supporting individuals to grow in and out of the work environment, as well as teams and organisations
  •  working with individuals that want to rediscover what drives them
  •  find more enjoyment and balance in their professional and personal life
  •  make life changes involving relocation, new career or project
  •  feel inspired to move forward
  •  take action to achieve what they want and create lasting changes.

Inês's speciality is unlocking your individual potential and helping you to pursue your dreams and passions by taking you out of your comfort zone and enabling you to rediscover who you are and what you want from life.

She will support you in your journey by helping you to clarify what you want, set clear objectives, explore your values and perspectives, find solutions to challenging situations and ensure you are truly committed to taking action and moving forward.

The sessions are via Skype, usually either weekly or fortnightly. For more information please get in touch today and book a free 15 minutes assessment with or call +44 20 7112 8486 to discuss your specific needs and quote ‘SAYER’.


  •  Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) International CIC


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