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Special Thanks from Michael Durtnall 

I want to thank the following friends, doctors and patients who helped me evolve and make Sayer Clinics the world's best and introduced me to many of the most amazing people on the planet.

Philip Sayer and Suzanne Bertish - actors 

The absolute ‘opinion formers’ who introduced me and my colleagues to a never-ending web of actors, writers, artists, musicians, dancers, sportsmen and women.

Dreas Reyneke – the ultimate Pilates guru, teacher and author who taught me the ‘essence’ of physical integration and core stability which has been central to my postural rehabilitation of patients and which only a dancer could ‘know’ and perfect and who passed it on years before it became cool.

Dr Rhonda Kotarinos, Dr Stephanie Prendergast and Dr Amy Stein the gurus of American manual physical therapy for pelvic pain and pudendal neuralgia who taught me so much about successful neuromusculoskeletal hands-on therapy for pelvic pain and how to get patients healthy lives back.

Dr Richard Carnival, brilliant chiropractor and past President of the New York Chiropractic College who really showed me how to fix backs and change peoples lives with unique techniques to manipulate and adjust the spine, back in 1986 when I thought I knew it all, after practising for eight years.

Dr Tony Metcalfe who deservedly became President of the European and World Chiropractic Associations for giving me the opportunity to learn with him at his centre of excellence in Twickenham and the confidence and support to start my own modern, efficient, patient-focussed back pain clinic in Kensington, Central London.


Philip Sayer and Suzanne Bertish - actors- the absolute ‘opinion formers’ who have introduced me and my colleagues to a never-ending web of inter-referring actors, writers, artists, musicians, dancers and sportsmen and women including:
Sir Ian McKellen, Rupert Everett, Tom Cruise, Allan Corduner, Tilda Swinton and John Byrne, Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins, LAMDA and RADA students, Sir Ronald Harwood, Sir Frederick Raphael, Sir Peter Shaffer, Brigid Keenan, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Roy Orbison, Lulu, U2, Metallica, Russell Maliphant and dancers from the Royal Ballet, Ballet Rambert, the Northern Ballet, the Royal Academy of Dancing and visiting International Ballet and Dance companies who make our practice special and fun.
Maan Al Sanea, the most practical perfectionist and Madame Sana Algosaibi, pioneer of special needs education in the Middle East and their great family, for 25 years of Saudi Arabian connections and the genesis of the first chiropractic clinic, now an integral part of the 1000 bed, state of the art, ultimate-quality and uniquely holistic Saad Specialist Hospital in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, as well as their amazing support of international charities.
Dreas Reyneke – the ultimate Pilates guru, teacher and author who taught me the ‘essence’ of physical integration and core stability which has been central to my postural rehabilitation of patients and which only a dancer could ‘know’ and perfect and who ‘passed it on’ years before it became cool.
Dr Richard Carnival, a truly brilliant chiropractor and past President of the New York Chiropractic College who really showed me how to fix backs with unique techniques to manipulate and adjust the spine, back in 1986 when I thought I knew it all after practising for eight years.
Dr Tony Metcalfe who deservedly became President of the European and World Chiropractic Associations and Dr John Oliphant for giving me the opportunity to learn the ropes with them in their centre of excellence in Twickenham and the confidence and support to start my own modern, efficient, patient-focussed chiropractic Clinic in Kensington, Central London in 1983.
Steve Hicks, Christine Hicks and Jason Henley founders of V-Tennis for their kind, creative, practical support, help and good advice over many years.
The Great Steve Baker, childhood friend, competitor, enthusiast, critic, supporter, raconteur and practical joker who helped make the crucial connection for my first visit to the Middle East in 1984.
ALL the excellent SAYER PRACTITIONERS: chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists , massage therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists, orthopaedic and neurosurgeons and medical specialists who have helped Sayer Clinics since 1983 achieve its great UK and worldwide reputation for helping more than 50,000 patients back to health through Efficient Diagnosis, Effective treatment and Intelligent Advice.Philip Sayer and Suzanne Bertish - actors and the absolute ‘opinion formers’ who have introduced me and my colleagues to a never-ending web of inter-referring actors, writers, artists, musicians, dancers and sportsmen and women including:Sir Ian McKellen, Rupert Everett, Tom Cruise, Allan Corduner, Tilda Swinton and John Byrne, Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins, LAMDA and RADA students, Sir Ronald Harwood, Sir Frederick Raphael, Sir Peter Shaffer, Brigid Keenan, Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Roy Orbison, Lulu, U2, Metallica, Russell Maliphant and dancers from the Royal Ballet, Ballet Rambert, the Northern Ballet, the Royal Academy of Dancing and visiting International Ballet and Dance companies who make our practice special and fun.

Maan Al Sanea, the most practical perfectionist and Madame Sana Algosaibi, pioneer of special needs education in the Middle East and their great family, for 25 years of Saudi Arabian connections and the genesis of the first chiropractic clinic, now an integral part of the 1000 bed, state of the art, ultimate-quality and uniquely holistic Saad Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia, as well as their amazing support of international charities.

Dreas Reyneke – the ultimate Pilates guru, teacher and author who taught me the ‘essence’ of physical integration and core stability which has been central to my postural rehabilitation of patients and which only a dancer could ‘know’ and perfect and who ‘passed it on’ years before it became cool.

Dr Richard Carnival, a truly brilliant chiropractor and past President of the New York Chiropractic College who really showed me how to fix backs with unique techniques to manipulate and adjust the spine, back in 1986 when I thought I knew it all after practising for eight years.

Dr Tony Metcalfe who deservedly became President of the European and World Chiropractic Associations and Dr John Oliphant for giving me the opportunity to learn the ropes with them in their centre of excellence in Twickenham and the confidence and support to start my own modern, efficient, patient-focussed chiropractic Clinic in Kensington, Central London in 1983.

Steve Hicks, Christine Hicks and Jason Henley founders of V-Tennis for their kind, creative, practical support, help and good advice over many years.

The Great Steve Baker, childhood friend, competitor, enthusiast, critic, supporter, raconteur and practical joker who helped make the crucial connection for my first visit to the Middle East in 1984.


 ALL the excellent SAYER PRACTITIONERS: chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, physical therapists, orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, gynaecologists and medical specialists who have helped Sayer Clinics since 1983 achieve its great UK and unique global reputation for helping more than 120,000 patients back to health through their Efficient Diagnosis, Effective treatment and Intelligent Advice.


Thank you all, Michael 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞




Patient Testimonials

Liv Binder – 20th October 2020

Michael Durtnall and Karolina did a wonderful job helping with my pelvic girdle pain (spd - pubic symphysis) and sacroiliac pain during pregnancy. I had a few sessions with them and I was pain free after this and had help with some pelvic floor tension from Karolina which made a big difference to the rest of my pregnancy. Definitely recommend the Sayer Clinic as they specialise in these types of problems.



Mickey Helliet - 5th April 2020


Having had a 10 year career in high level sport and worked in professional sport for 20 years since my own sports career ended, I have been through dozens of physios and chiropractors. Having the very best support has always been very important to me so I have always made it my business to seek out the very best in every area. Michael Durtnall and his Sayer Clinics are exactly that. The best of the best. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from pain in their joints or bones. I give him 100/100.

Professional boxing coach and manager to champions. Mickey Helliet

Gabriel L. - 10th March 2020

 I came to see Dr Michael Durtnall having had costochondritis (an inflammation of the cartilage in the ribs) for several months. My condition started as a small pain localised to the left side of my chest which eventually spread to all around my ribs. This pain increased in magnitude over time to the point where I was barely mobile and slept a few hours a night due to breathing issues.

 I had been resistance training for many years and was generally quite fit so to end up so immobile and in such pain was not a foreseen eventuality. Some time after being diagnosed by my gp, being told to rest and my dose of anti-inflammatories going up every week I really began to lose hope. I wondered if I was going to get back to a normal life, let alone get back in the gym.

 Michael diagnosed me with scoliosis (side-wards curve of the spine) and pinpointed it due to a genetic structural abnormality in my lumbar spine. He began re-aligning my spine through chiropractic adjustment and I had weekly sports massages. He also gave me mobility exercises, adjustments to my posture and my training (further down the line).

 Having had a few months of treatment I am now 90% recovered and back to training at the exact same intensity prior to developing the condition. A huge thank you to Michael and the sports massage therapists at Sayers because there was a period where I truly thought this would never be possible

 Kind regards, Gabriel


Camilla - Coccyx pain in a 12 year old girl - UK - March 2020

 My daughter was twelve at the time we first went to see Michael for her coccyx problems in 2016. She had intermittently complained about her coccyx being painful but I tend to ignore things until they seem persistent! After 'exam week' at school, where she spent a lot of time sitting down on a hard chair, she was in agony. She had to take pain killers constantly and we bought a special cushion for her to sit on at school and in the car. At home she had to lie on her stomach to watch television. In bed she had to lie on her side or stomach. Pain can be very debilitating and draining even for a young girl so her school work suffered because of it. It got to the point where she was in pain all the time and compensated by sitting to one side. This also meant that her back and neck became stiff and sore too. She is a keen, competitive horse-rider and had to stop for a few weeks. The GP sent us to an orthopaedic surgeon who sent her for an MRI scan which showed absolutely nothing. He said that surgery was the last resort but didn't really give us any guidance as to what to do and who to see. I started doing my own research and found reviews of patients treated by Michael Durtnall on (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). We live outside of London but I knew I wanted to see the 'best' rather than wasting time with ineffective treatment. 

She first saw Michael in May 2016 when he took x-rays and immediately saw where the problem was. He believed that with regular treatment it would get better. We started with appointments every two weeks followed by monthly appointments for about 8 months. She had complete relief after the treatments but as the next appointment was looming the pain would gradually reappear. Then from Easter last year we visited Michael once every 3 months. She was almost cured at this point, I'm not sure this was absolutely necessary but my daughter enjoyed seeing Michael so much!

She has now been completely pain-free for at least 6 months and before then she had minimal pain compared to when she started the treatment. The treatment is a bit invasive and uncomfortable as you might imagine but I believe she could not have been helped without this method. Michael is very discreet about it and has a brilliant bedside manner! He is witty and charming and my daughter just loved to chat to him whilst the treatment was being done. Pretty amazing given she's a teenage girl! He also worked on her posture whilst standing and sitting which has been brilliant. He is seriously knowledgeable and I couldn't recommend him more highly. 

Whilst our insurance company didn't want to cover the costs of treatment they agreed when we pushed for it. The alternative to this is an expensive operation which is naturally riskier in many ways and doesn't always solve the problem.


My daughter is now 15 and is still 100% pain-free. She rides her horse daily (in the past a real discomfort) and is not experiencing any problems. She is no longer using her wedge cushion (since 12 months) and it is still fine. I have recommended to her to use it for her exams though as I don't want it to trigger anything and some exams are up to 3 hours long sitting in the same position. 

She has not been doing any maintenance or preventative exercises since we finished her treatment and can do everything normally. I feel confident in saying that her treatment with Dr Durtnall has made this possible.

Mark Whitworth, October 2019


Coccyx and Pelvic Floor diagnosis and treatment at Sayer Clinic London.
In chronic rectal pain since 2008, worsened after recommended haemorrhoid operation with numerous further debilitating symptoms.
5 colorectal surgeons, 6 GPs dozens of subsequent tests and 2 other operations over 10 years all to no avail.
Came across the Sayer Clinic and after the first Coccyx treatment from Michael and Internal Pelvic floor muscle session from Karolina It was clear I was going to be back in the game.
Nearly didn't go, cancelled once. Been a life changer for me.
Don't wait.


Christine Conway, July 2019

At last I feel I am on the road to recovery from Costochondritis, after deciding to seek help and treatment from Michael Durtnall and his physio team at Sayer Clinic.

My nightmare started unexpectedly in November 2016 when I was diagnosed with Costochondritis by a hospital consultant. Before this I had been fit and healthy for 58 years. During the first couple of years of pain I was prescribed a variety of medication by my GP, which didn't really help, some even caused digestive problems. He kindly sent me for X-rays, an endoscopy and a MRI scan, and thankfully they showed nothing sinister, but they left me no further forward regarding a solution. My pains were in my left ribs, diaphragm, upper left chest and shoulder area. Not understanding the root cause of the pains was very stressful and I feel that the anxiety and tension made my pains worse. In particular sitting was very problematic and caused flare-ups, especially when travelling. I felt that I couldn't get a proper full breath. It was all very frustrating and debilitating. I tried out all the advice I could find on various Costochondritis websites, such as eliminating or introducing certain foods, and I tried alternative treatments. Researching the condition, and trying to find solutions, almost became a full-time occupation! Some treatments eased the pain temporarily, but I felt weren't getting to the root cause.
A few months ago I discovered the website, via an internet search, and saw that Michael Durtnall was listed as the only UK specialist. I live in the north of England so the journey to see Michael in London, involving sitting for 2 hours on a train, was a daunting prospect, when I could only comfortably make short local journeys. However, I took the plunge and contacted him, and I'm extremely pleased that I did.
My initial hour long appointment with Michael involved x-rays, discussion, better posture suggestions and treatment. Remarkably, over just a few months the 6 x 30 minute treatments I've had, followed by an hour with a Sayer Clinic physio, have already helped to vastly lower my pain levels, allowing me to get on with my life much more normally. 
Michael's treatment involves working on my exposed chest, spine and shoulders, and he gives me exercises to do to meet my specific needs, which become my homework. His mantra is "keep moving". He uses a combination of techniques including chiropracty, deep tissue massage and a vibration tool. He is highly professional throughout the treatment and very knowledgeable about Costochondritis, which is very reassuring. I feel I am in safe hands. His interesting and often humorous chatter helps to distract me from the treatment and puts me at ease.
Last week I returned from a holiday abroad, something I couldn't have considered doing a few months ago, which indicates the progress I've made in a relatively short period of time. I'm looking forward to my next appointment because after each visit I feel better than the last. I'm very grateful to Michael and his team and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Christine Conway.

Rachel Newton, July 2019

Finally found long term relief from debilitating headaches that I've suffered with for decades. The treatment is still ongoing as the cause is rooted in poor posture from childhood. Alongside brief, occasional follow up treatment by Chris, his guidance on the right stretching exercises is seeing me well on the way to full recovery. Huge thank you so far Chris. 



My coccyx is now much better with help from Michael and Marek, but I keep visiting Ayako as I feel her treatments are extremely effective as well.  She is also very personable and very easy to talk to about allsorts of things, whether it be guidance on nutrition, what the particular acupuncture is aiming to treat, or just being a friend and offering a shoulder to cry on. 
I am so impressed with her knowledge and the advice she gives. 


Susie Webb 2019

On my first visit Michael performed a physical examination of my coccyx by internal manipulation and discovered that my coccyx was sitting at the wrong downward angle and the pain I was feeling was from sitting on the point of the coccyx which he referred to as ‘like sitting on a spike’. Michael took some x-rays and showed me the position of my coccyx and also how it was meant to look and then checked my spine and sacroiliac joints. Michael explained that due to my sitting on one buttock to relieve the pain, the joints around my coccyx were starting to calcify. Michael carried out some manipulation to get my coccyx back into a good position and increase the mobility in the joint of the coccyx. Michael gave me postural exercise to do to try and correct by stance( I was still sticking my belly out like I was pregnant). Michael also gave me some home truths to lose some weight and walk, walk, walk which was refreshing as most doctors work in silos and do not give an all-round health analysis. 
The next day I was sore and thought it hadn't worked but within 2 days my coccyx pain had decreased by approximately 70%.  I have seen Michael twice since as he did say that it can take on average 7 treatments to be pain free. During my third visit Michael explained that my piriformis muscle was tight and causing pain in my buttock and again advised to walk and do some stretches. 
I would say the pain has improved another 5%. Therefore I’m 75% cured and cannot thank Michael enough for all he has done. Michael has been a great source of support, extremely educational in this area and has even asked my workplace to provide me with a standing desk, which until only 3 months ago was touch and go if I could even remain at work.

Thanks to Michael I have made excellent progress when the NHS had written me off at 32. I feel empowered to educate as many people as possible that they do not have to put up with this debilitating condition, have their coccyx surgically removed or pain numbing injections to live a pain free life. 
He could see from my xrays that I had quite low bone density and advised me on exercise and diet. At his recommendation I requested a dexascan and Vit. D3 check through my GP which was very low at 4.6 and now take Vit D3 6000 each day on prescription. Michael's treatment was gentle and worked quickly for me and was worth every penny. 

Alison S. , August 2018

I want to thank Ayako Kato for her fantastic work and professionalism. I have been seeing Ayako for several months since a coccyx injury in 2015. She is so effective and knowledgeable in every session that I leave feeling 100% better. She has also been extremely kind and understanding. I am consistently impressed with her ability to understand and get to the root of my problem and to treat it effectively. 


Katie Pemberton,  July 2018

2 years ago, after 1 year of excruciating coccyx pain (when seated) I began treatment with Michael Durtnall. On my first visit to the clinic, Michael carried out an x-ray followed by a thorough explanation of its results. The x-ray showed anterior subluxation of the sacrococcygeal joint, which Michael described essentially as sitting on a 'spike', and in my case it was quite severe, at a grade 3. After approximately 3 months of treatment I stopped feeling any pain, and 2 years later I am still pain free.

Michael also cured my costochondritis within a few sessions - this was a combination of massage technique and him reminding me of my posture (now I correct myself when sitting/standing/walking)

To summarise, Michael is a remarkable doctor but also an amazing person; friendly, approachable, and he really cares about his patients!

Cheesy, but I don't know what I would have done without him!

Jacqui Asad, June 2018

Dr Durtnall has given my daughter her life back. 

The NHS acknowledged her pain but didn't know how to treat costochondritis. After months of tests and chronic pain not getting any better, we were told her only choice is pain management, leaving a 17 year old girl potentially a victim of severe pain for the rest of her life, on a huge amount of painkillers.

That was until we saw Dr Durtnall. He's patient, kind and just amazing!  Turning her life around from the first visit. We travel nearly 2 hours to get the best treatment there is from a leading expert whose knowledge and dedication is second to none. 

It's so great to see her be able to walk again and not rely on a wheelchair. It's even better to see her smile and less tears in pain. 

Seeing Dr Durtnall is the best thing we ever did and I don't know what we'd do without his support. He's just wonderful.

Lauren Asad, June 2018 (Aged 17)

NHS gave up on me! 

The man who’s completely changing my life Dr Durtnall with one of the proudest paintings I've painted was presented to Michael at Sayer Back and Neck Pain Clinics in London.

Costochondritis is the most painful thing imaginable. Without Dr Durtnall I'd have no life. A year ago in a wheelchair unable to sit up straight for more than a few hours taking the worse pain killers. A dark place. I wanted to given up. Specialist after Specialist didn't understand why I was in so much pain for so long sending me home saying keep taking pills. When we asked how long for, one actually replied "how longs a piece of string" another just said "it's not a condition I specialise in I have no answer", he didn't even examine me! 
A physio thought the lumps in my chest were something more dangerous. Mum didn't give up. She researched until she found Dr Durtnall. She said sometimes we're sent miracles and I do believe that. This is one of mine. 
From the first day I felt safe I had a full examination with someone who finally knew exactly what's wrong, how painful it is and how to get me well again. Every single month I feel stronger than the last. The worse thing is people who don't believe what they don't understand. I learnt this is called Ignorance. Ignorance is as damaging as physical pain. 
Dr Durtnall is a hero who's changed my life in ways I'll never forget. He hasn't given up on me. Thank you with all my heart for making me feel human. Never give up believing. You"ll find your heroes like I found mine.
I put up with the pain for 2 years and had come to terms that I would have to be in pain for the rest of my life, it wasn't until the pain progressed and shifted slightly that I started to look around and do some self research. I stumbled upon treatment page and saw rave reviews of how Michael was curing so many people. I was sceptic, after all the NHS had told me to put up with the pain, there was no cure.  

P G Richards - Consultant Neurosurgeon

I was approached by Dr Michael Durtnall to see if I would be prepared to see patients who required second opinions on the management of back and neck problems. Prior to my being approached they had, for many years, been sending patients to David Uttley who was then retiring from his consultant post at Atkinson Morley’s Hospital. I agreed to see patients at both Charing Cross Hospital, where I was then a Consultant and the Cromwell Hospital. I expected it would be just a trickle of patients but was very surprised to find a large number of referrals, between four and six a week, mainly neck pain, tension headaches, brachalgia, low back pain and sciatica. There is no doubt that the experience I have gained with this group of patients has altered my practice considerably. Prior to seeing them I referred patients for chiropractic care only rarely, but now as my knowledge of the conditions that can be successfully treated has increased, I usually consider chiropractic care of spinal problems before physiotherapy. 

The result I have seen for the vast majority of patients with back problems who do not require surgery have been very good with rapid relief of pain and return to work in most cases, and I have not seen any patients worsened by inappropriate manipulation. I am now firmly of the opinion that chiropractic care has a fundamental role in the management of back problems and it would save the nation a great deal of money in terms of reduced time off work and reduced medical bills, if chiropractic care were more widely available.

As far as the Sayer Clinic is concerned the referrals that Michael Durtnall and his associates send me have been handled in terms of history, examination and investigation in a manner that I would expect from a competent specialist with a consultant post in the NHS.

They have also been very quick to spot those patients where manipulation would be inappropriate and have referred them rapidly for surgery, both in the private sector and the national health service. 

If KC&W are looking for an opportunity to provide quality health care with a good cost to benefit ratio then I would have no hesitation in recommending that they look closely at what the Sayer Clinics can offer.

Graham Simpson –  former chairman of Watford Football Club and founder of Simpson Travel - Chichester, Sussex and Greece

I have known Michael Durtnall for over 30 years from when I first visited the Sayer Clinic in the early 80s. I was suffering from a severe lower back problem and had seen countless 'experts' over the years, all of whom were unable to help me. Michael was recommended to me and was the last resort before I was due to undergo an operation which the surgeon that examined me said was essential. 

The first thing that was noticeably different was that I was X-rayed standing up - and from then on I was on the road to recovery. I had problems with my lower discs and my sacroiliac joint and apart from treating me and relieving my discomfort in just a matter of a few visits, Michael taught me to manage my back myself. He introduced me to a back cushion which I have used for the last 30 years - not the same one as I have left a few on various planes along the way!  I have recommended this cushion to countless friends and acquaintances over the years always with positive results. For many years I used a heel lift in my left leg as Michael explained that one of my legs was shorter than the other – quite a common occurrence I believe. And lastly he helped me get into the regular habit of not just exercising and keeping my lower back flexible, but doing the right exercises. Whenever I swim I finish with 5 kicks with my knees to my chest which helps the mobility in my back and after 30 years I still do this regularly.

Over the last years I've been back a few times when things have not been quite right  and more importantly I've introduced my three children to him when their backs have not been 100% – all with positive results.

In short Michael is a genius who I will always be grateful to for his expertise, knowledge and sensitive approach.

Laura, Orthopaedic nurse, London, February 2018

My costochondritis started when I was 21 weeks pregnant. The condition become so debilitating I was signed off work. I work as an orthopaedic nurse on a high dependency ward. The pain was constant and so intense (stabbing and burning around my left rib cage) often bringing me to tears. The GPs answer was to take strong opiod based medication and nothing more could be done. I became very down. Taking daily painkillers was not a route I wanted to go down while pregnant so I started to do my own research on the condition and began to see different practitioners including physiotherapists and osteopaths. Unfortunately nothing worked. After a couple months of exhausting what I thought was every option I stumbled across Sayers online stating to be specialists in costochondritis. This was my last hope and I was praying they could help. 

My partner came with me and I saw Michael Durtnall for a very thorough hour long consultation taking an extensive history. He used a diagnostic ultrasound scan on the area around my left rib cage as he was unable to x-ray due to the fact I was pregnant.  He explained it was good news that my tissues within that area were all intact but this then did confirm what I had was Costo with all the symptoms I had been describing. After the examination he used a combination of manipulation and deep tissue chest and musculoskeletal massage. The treatment was not painful at all unlike when I had seen other practitioners including physios and osteopaths who aggravated my condition often leaving me in bed for several days unable to hardly move.

Michael was very honest in managing my expectations, explaining it would not be a quick fix but I should certainly see an improvement after the treatment. I left Michael's and for the first time in months I had no pain whatsoever. I couldn't quite believe it. Unfortunately the pain did come back later that evening but I knew this was the start of the healing process and it was the first time in months I had felt positive that I could get better. Seeing Michael was a breath of fresh air. Unlike the other practitioners he told me I should not take any painkillers especially while pregnant. This was exactly what I wanted to hear and I knew from that moment I was in good hands. He also advised me to keep moving while I had been lying flat for months due to the pain. I then bought the back pod and I feel that together with Michael's treatment and daily rib massages this is what eventually helped the condition and by the time I was 35 weeks pregnant I was 80% better. I can now report I have had the baby and since week 38 of my pregnancy I had no further pain and am still pain free 😊 Its actually quite hard to write this review as it brings back just how awful a time that was for me but I'm also exceptionally grateful that I can write this completely pain free. 

I continue to have maintenance treatments with Michael, as I never want to go back to being in that excruciating pain again. Michael is an exceptionally talented chiropractor with vast amount of experience and knowledge. I highly recommend him to anyone with the condition. Unfortunately there is no magic cure and it takes time to get better but following treatments, using the back pod, Michael’s advice on postural re-education and keeping moving, it will. Thanks again Sayers for everything.


Laura Henry, UK, November 2017

After several unsuccessful attempts to get help for chronic tailbone pain I have been very satisfied with the treatment I have had at Sayer Clinics. Michael, Leta, Karolina and Sofia have all helped immensely with my rehabilitation and I would recommend them to anyone suffering with tailbone or pelvic pain.

Edmund Tirbutt, Yorkshire, February 2017

I have been delighted with the treatment I have received from Mike Durtnall for the past 15 years. Initially he cured my painful back problem after a physio had made no progress, and he has prevented it reoccurring via regular check-ups and remedial work. I still travel all the way down to use him even thougfh I now live in Yorkshire as I simply wouldn't trust another chiropractor. I would recommend Mike to anyone.

Emmanuelle, London, August 2016

Suffering from a sciatica that was ruining my life for almost 2 months, I decided to book an appointment with Dr Berlingieri. He did some XRays first, so I knew where the problem came from, and then started the treatment. After 1 month of seeing Dr Berlingieri twice a week, my problem was 80% fixed. I can say that I'm now pain free and fully recovered. I will never thank Dr Berlingieri enough for helping me getting back to a normal life again!!

Jane Newton, Sheffield, April 2016

I have been travelling from Sheffield to London to visit Michael for a painful coccyx. My symptoms began shortly after a traumatic delivery of my second child, which involved a shoulder dystocia and a 9.5lb baby!. Three weeks post delivery I noticed a very painful coccyx, which was excruciating from standing to sitting predominately. After several visits to the doctors and some sessions of physiotherapy it was decided that nothing more could be done for me. I was advise to perform pelvic floor exercise to strengthen my coccyx. 

Mumtaz Khan, March 2016

My name is Mumtaz and I had serious tailbone pain for three years. I am a mature student but could not sit for five minutes. All manner of painkillers and prescription drugs did not help.I searched the internet and went to see Dr Michael Durtnall in west London. He took xrays and showed where the tailbone was twisted. His painless manipulation of my coccyx surprisingly gave me instant decrease in pain. I followed to the letter the home exercises and sitting posture and after three treatments I felt 95% pain relief.

Will definitely recommend him and Sayer Clinics.

Luca Urbano, Congo, Africa, February 2016

Having suffered for 5 months because a terrible bike injury, I undergone a chiropractic treatment with Michael in 2011 for coccyx pain. I had a manipulation treatment and four subsequent treatments and after I felt changed. I was told by Michael to move as much as possible, walk, run, dance ... and to be told this as a cure was inspiring! I suffered reducing coccydynia for 2 months and then the pain went away completely.

I have been pain free for 5 years, until September 2015, when pain came back after I sat on my mobile phone. I have just had a chiropractic treatment with Michael again a few days ago (February 2016) and right after I felt released. In my particular case, like I believe many others, the area of the coccyx was kind of "blocked", and Michael has this long and reassuring experience to identify and unblock with ease such problems. I strongly advice anyone with desperate coccyx pain to go see Dr. Michael Durtnall in London.

Michael Broadbridge, January 2016

Came to Sayer Clinics several months ago with persistent lower back pain which was extending down into my left hip. After having the x-rays I booked in for a series of chiropractor sessions with Dr George Ioannidis. He has proved to be an expert in the field and through variety of techniques my back pain began to reduce to the point where I am no longer in pain.

George has a professional, friendly approach and I highly recommend him.

Ana Maria - Romania January 2016

Hello people, I have 2 days since I'm back to my country as I'm not from Uk and I want to say 7 doctors saw me without knowing what I have, treating me wrong, last year I was in Wien and they told me that 90% I have pudendal nerve problem and doesn't exist a cure. I refused to believe that there is no cure and I refused even the nerve block or different treatments and after coming back to my country I've started to research bcs, in my soul I believed so God sent me my answer in this world and I found it. Someone told me he read only good reviews and saw at tv dr. Michael Durtnall. I came home searching Sayer Clinic, they answered fast and telling me he can help me. This was end december 2015 and on 19 january I came at him and after 4 days I have 20% improvment. It's a lot than all doctors told me that ther is no cure. I need to go again and will have much more improvment and healing. And doctor Michael it's a man as I never saw.... so kind, happy and funny. He send us positive attitude. THX MICHAEL AND SAYER CLINIC. Ana Maria

Anne Warren, November 2015

From the middle of 2007 the ongoing problems with my back and arms had got a lot worse. After subsequent visits to my GP, she eventually sent me to the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital to see a specialist in the November of that year. He referred me for a course of physiotherapy.

Luckily for me, my physiotherapist was away on holiday in February of 2008. The pain was so bad, that I booked an appointment with Chris Berlingeri. He took one look at me, and said “Anne this has being going on far too long”. He took an x-ray and immediately referred me for an MRI scan on the 19th of February. He passed the information over to my GP surgery, panic ensued, and I was in the Royal Marsden by Friday the 22nd of February.

Without an immediate operation on my neck , it was thought I would not last the Weekend .

On the Sunday I was in Queens Square, where they operated on my neck replacing the vertebra in my neck with titanium.

So without Chris I would be dead, and so I owe my life to him.

All the thanks in the world.

Fred Engel, September 2015

I was in London on Business and had thrown out my back. I had made only a Counselling appointment but then realized I needed a full consultation. It was late on a Monday night and George Ioannidis was totally booked. He made room to see me and I am eternally grateful. I was barely able to walk when I came into the office. When I left I felt like a new person. He clearly understood my back after his initial analysis and set it back so that I could more easily walk out of the office. I returned a couple of days later for a follow-up and was again very pleased with getting exactly what my back needed. I would recommend George Ioannidis to anyone. Fred 

Alison Yeung, September 2015

I visited the clinic because I was having serious dizziness for several days. Dr. Ioannidis is amazing. I felt so much better after my first treatment, and my life was back to normal after the second. He also helped me relax my very tense neck and shoulder area, and the process is fairly pleasant. I will recommend Dr. Ioannidis to anyone who is suffering with back pain and neck problems.

Sandrine Marcinkowski, July 2015

I have been treated by Dr George Ioannidis at the beginning of the year. I had problems with my back (it locked) out of the blue. After a series of sessions over a couple of months, I feel much better, stronger and confident to have a normal gym routine again. I go for the odd session when I feel my back is getting too tight or I get a sore spot and that works well for me. I am very grateful for the rapid relief that his treatment has given me and for the confidence of being able to lead a normal life again. Also I really appreciated his honesty in relation to how long the treatment would last, instead of telling me it would take a long time, we booked a block of sessions initially then took it week by week. I also liked the facility of being able to share my notes and X-rays with other practitioners in the clinic. 

Mr R Chauhan, July 2015

I am a long standing client of Chris Berlingieri's and have tried many different chiropractors over the past 10 years. He's one of the best and I won't go anywhere else now.

Pazit, June 2015

I first visited Sayer Clinic in October after suffering a reccurrence of severe Coccyx pain, being barely able to sit after many years without incident.

Michael analysed my condition and took a different approach to any other doctor I had seen up until then. Instead of going straight for a Cortisone injection, he suggested a series of manipulations coupled with physiotherapy. His treatments along with physiotherapy with Sofia or Marta before each session have been successful and the professional and personal approach by Michael and his team should be highlighted. 

Pip, May 2015

I'm so happy I saw Michael Durtnall at Sayer Clinic Kensington for my severe flares of Costochondritis, rib and chest pains which radiated around my ribs to my breastbone and to my middle back. I had repeated attacks for four months and was worried sick about it. My GP sent me for heart and breast checks which were normal so I went straight to the Sayer Clinics because of their great reputation.

I've been receiving amazing chiropractic treatment from Michael and excellent physiotherapy treatment from Karolina. I had been so worried but having received such wonderful treatment from Michael and Karolina they put my mind at rest and took away all my worry. I'm feeling great and I highly recommend visiting the team at Sayer Clinics for all your physio and chiropractic needs. I'm so pleased I did.

Lorraine and Andrew Rosner, May 2015

Chris Berlingieri is a superb practitioner. He has helped both my husband and me many, many times over the last decade, and is not only utterly professional, but also charming. I first went to Chris with a month-long headache, and within two sessions, it was gone - apparently caused by severe neck strain. Since then he has treated us both for lower back pain, always with outstanding results. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Tracey Bryer, May 2015

My mother and I both have Scoliosis and we have been seeing Dr Chris Berlingieri for over 10 years. I cannot put into words how wonderful the treatment is that we have received from Chris as his knowledge is second to none. He is an extremely kind and caring man and we would be lost without him. I cannot thank him enough.

Hristo, May 2015

For quite some time I had severe pain in my hip. I had tried a number of treatments but none of them really worked. That was until I came across Sayer Clinics.

Chiropractor Matthew Bateman was immediately able to diagnose the source of pain and provide the chiropractic treatment required to relieve the pain. A few treatments helped me enormously and now I feel absolutely no pain. I am very satisfied with Mr Bateman and would definitely recommend him to anyone experiencing similar problems.

Lorraine and Andrew Rosner, May 2015

Chris Berlingieri is a superb practitioner. He has helped both my husband and me many, many times over the last decade, and is not only utterly professional, but also charming. I first went to Chris with a month-long headache, and within two sessions, it was gone - apparently caused by severe neck strain. Since then he has treated us both for lower back pain, always with outstanding results. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Maria, April 2015

I cannot recommend Michael Durtnall highly enough. He is not only a superb professional who has both tremendous knowledge about coccyx injuries and also years of experience in treating coccyx injuries, he is also a lovely man who is both genuine and kind and who treats everyone who goes to see him with great care and with genuine concern to get them pain free if at all possible! I have had a few sessions - 4 or 5 now but the difference those treatments have made to me has been wonderful!

Michael Durtnall is a good man - he is also an honest man. He will tell you on the first session what he thinks he can do for you and how he plans to treat you. I know from people who have been in touch from that they have been in contact and have booked a series of appointments over say the space of a week whilst they are in London so that they can get the most out of the treatments whilst they are here.

Do get in touch with the Kensington clinic - all the staff there are absolutely lovely - they will be able to guide you on what to do next :)

And please DON’T be afraid to go see him - I had a complex pelvic injury from years ago that was misdiagnosed and therefore left untreated - it resulted in an unstable pelvis - he picked up on that immediately - he really is a SUPERB doctor and KNOWS about coccyx injuries!

Take Care and God Bless.

Claire, April 2015

I very much enjoyed reading Michael Durtnall's knowledgeable advice on maintaining spinal health and not overdoing plank workout exercises today in the Femail section of the Daily Mail. Very sensible and useful advice to avoid causing intercostal rib strain or costochondritis pain from Michael Durtnall who is Europe's acknowledged specialist for treatment of costochondritis and rib pain.

Sue, State Registered Nurse, March 2015

It was good fortune that Jake started to work at the chiropractic clinic that I was already attending in an attempt to correct my mobility, balance and coordination from multiple sclerosis. My previous chiropractor quickly recognised the opportunity to be seen by Jake as he specialises in neurology.

I've never looked back. What a breath of fresh air to meet Jake, a professional man with a broad depth of focused knowledge, experience and understanding.

Jake quickly identified my problems using multiple tests and created a personal treatment plan, which we have followed and he has adapted the exercises as I have made huge progress. Jake has always explained every test and exercise, and is thoughtful and patient in assessing and teaching me and my husband.

Jake is very friendly and professional as well as personable and relaxed.

A fantastic relief to meet and be treated by a doctor with such understanding and knowledge.

Lucy, Addiction Councillor, March 2015

I met Jake a couple of months ago after going to see countless doctors who were all perplexed by my symptoms. It was such a relief to find someone who paid a genuine interest and understood what was happening to me. I can honestly say that I found him far more helpful than a neurologist, a neuro-otologist and an ear nose and throat doctor. My most distressing symptom has been dizziness and Jake has been helping me with vision exercises and although I am not all the way there yet, I have definitely improved and I am very thankful for the help he has given me so far.

Jason Henley, March 2015

Michael Durtnall, Thank you so much for your help! I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to correspond with me, look at my x-rays, and then connect me with someone in the US. You really went above and beyond what I expected! I am guessing this is one of the many reasons your patients say so many good things about you.

Evie, December 2014

Mr Ioannidis is a truly brilliant Chiropractor, as well as a kind and considerate person. I am thoroughly pleased with the treatments I have received. And I am excited to have his support which has allowed me to rebuild my confidence. Mr Ioannidis has definitely exceeded my expectations and is without a doubt a fantastic Chiropractor that I would recommend.

Mischa, December 2014

I've been here twice with Nutan and I cannot stress how FANTASTIC this was! I'm deaf but she put me at ease straight away, easy to understand and she made my back pains go away really quickly. I'm still doing my exercises given by her and not had any back pains for long time! I highly recommend her :)

Scott Roche, December 2014

I suffered a very severe L3/L4 herniated disk injury in my back and after doing a significant amount of research on-line and visiting Michael Durtnall concluded that my best chances for a recovery rested in the hands of Michael and his team. I have been to many chiropractors in many different countries over the past 30 years, and from the very first appointment I could tell that this was a different level of health care and service. Analysis of my condition was very thorough and my recovery program very well thought out, both with Michael and his wonderful team of physiotherapists - Sofia, Marta and Agata. They were all very well informed of my condition, and knew what the other did in terms of treatment the last time so we always picked up where we left off irrespective of who I was seeing. A truly friendly, helpful, and professional group of people who really operate as a team, including from the moment you are welcomed at the clinic by Ines. I would highly recommend Michael and his team to anybody who is looking for not only a speedy, but more importantly, sustainable recovery to back and neck injuries. Scott Roche

Maria, November 2014

You are so kind and thank you so much Ines. I really do appreciate the wonderful warmth and care shown by both yourself and Michael Durtnall. I know that sometimes people can be too ready to complain but forget to say thank you when things are done well or a service is particularly good. 

Both you and Michael are such a breath of fresh air.

Thank you so much. See you in 2 weeks :) Kind regards to you both and God Bless, Maria

Hessa Alkhalifa, November 2014

My mother suffered from sciatica, neck & arms pain since November 2013. We have seen a number of doctors and took around 40 physiotherapy sessions with no sign of improvement. So we decided to see a chiropractor in Sayer Clinic during our summer holiday in London (August-September 2014). We booked with Briony for 3 times a week for about 3 weeks. She is so friendly, professional, always on time with great energy. She used a combination of treatments which resulted in good signs of improvement in my mother's condition. But unfortunately we had to travel back home. I highly recommend Briony. She is an amazing chiropractor.

Anais Roberts, November 2014

Dear Michael, you are so kind to see Anais, she has been checking her posture and keeps her bag on both shoulders. What a valuable gift for a young person to have had you to explain the importance of good care for her back. You are wonderful, X.H.

Roger B., October 2014

I was suffering from pain in my neck and pins and needles in my left arm. I sought treatment through Chris Berlingieri at Sayer Clinics and after four treatments the pain was gone and the pins and needles were almost gone and I felt a great deal better. After two more treatments the pins and needles have disappeared. It was a good investment in my health and wellbeing. Thanks to Chris Berlingieri.

S.L., October 2014

I suffered from a knee problem which made it uncomfortable to climb stairs, perform exercises at the gym or sit for long periods of time. Chiropractic examination by Chris Berlingieri identified the problem caused by hip/pelvic displacement, and ensuing treatment has gradually corrected the problem. I am now able to climb stairs and perform exercises without any discomfort at the knees.

S.F, October 2014

My condition - Ankylosing spondylitis has resulted in the impacting of the bones in the lower spine. Tablets (prescribed by my GP) were not helping and I decided to consult a chiropractor, Michael Durtnall and Chris Berlingieri of the Sayer Clinics. They have kept the muscle working and the back upright and now I can dance and bowl and keep active.

Wendy Bloomfield, October 2014

Excellent service, almost always on time, treatment very effective, Chris always friendly and professional and has a good energy. Ines is lovely, polite, friendly and professional.

Jon Sharkey, October 2014

I was training for a marathon and then on one particular training run, my back and hips completely seized up. It was diagnosed that my sacroiliac joint froze or fused. Chris Berlingieri managed to fix the lower vertabrae and realign my hips such that I was fit to run within 4 weeks. I have continued to get treatment for 3 months in an effort to free up years of poor posture when sitting and sleeping. It was in my view a minor miracle that I went from severe pain and very little movement, to being able to complete the marathon comfortably. Thank you, Chris!

Rafael, October 2014

I was unfortunate to have 3 accidents in a row on 3 consecutive months whilst stationary on a junction of which the 1st was quite severe. If not for Chris Berlingieri's treatment on my lower back, neck, whiplash injuries I would not have been able to drive again or sit comfortably. Thank you for your persistence!

Mrs. Michelle De Sio-Albuoy, October 2014

Let me take this opportunity, Michael Durtnall and Chris Berlingieri, to thank you for your diagnosis and treatment while I was on vacation in London in September. I could not have enjoyed my holiday without you seeing my back. For that I am extremely grateful.

Z. Abbott, October 2014

A friend recommended a visit to Sayer Clinic for my neck pain. I was impressed by the speedy recovery I made and am pleased to repeat that the pain has stayed away and my movement has much improved.

Christian, October 2014

Many thanks to Chris B for providing consistent and incredibly beneficial maintenance on my slightly creaky neck and back. For 5 years plus, he has been a real life saver for me.

Marina, October 2014

Chris Berlingieri is a brilliant chiropractor and thanks to him I can turn my neck again. He straight away felt the exact pain points and checked it with xray to be sure of his diagnosis. It took just a few sessions to manipulate my stiff neck to end the misery I'd endured for years from a whiplash injury and a massive relief to be out of pain. Thanks Chris I highly recommend you and Sayer clinics the best back clinics in London to everyone whose in pain.

Lyn Dyer, October 2014

I have just retired at 60. My back started to give me trouble, it started with an ache which I thought would disappear with the rest but over the next few weeks the pain increased and started to affect my arms and shoulders making it difficult to sleep. I visited my doctor who put me on strong codeine based pain killer. Taking these and applying occasional heat with hot water bottles helped a bit. But I realised I would have to seek more specialised help which is why I went to Dr. Chris Berlingieri.

After just a few sessions the condition improved and now after completing a course of treatment I am able to resume normal life.

On a previous occasion I had a trapped nerve in my leg which gave me so much pain my husband had to take me to the A & E department of the local hospital, they gave me crutches, very powerful pain killers and told me to go to my doctor who said it will take months to improve and to keep taking the pills. With just a few sessions with Chris Berlingieri I was able to return my crutches and I still have the pain killers.

I am very grateful to Chris for giving me back my life and can't thank him enough

Jeremy Bull, October 2014

Dear Chris, I thought I should drop you a note to say how much you have helped me improve my back and relieve the disc problem which has bothered me for so many years.

Since I have been visiting you, my back has improved dramatically and I believe the regular, treatment and 'correction' that you provide has made an enormous difference. Thank you again for all your kind support.

Kathleen Lowe, October 2014

A very belated thank you Chris for all that you did to keep me healthy during my pregnancy. I am confident that you had a part in my natural and straightforward labour for my son. Thank you again.

Ava, October 2014

Chris Berlingieri saved my neck :) Having a baby and having to do everything that comes with it I was in desperate need of help. I could barely move my right arm when I came to the clinic and now I'm pain free! Thank you Dr. Berlingieri, you're an amazing chiropractor.

J. Dewar, October 2014

I recently had terrible pain in my back. After surfing the Internet I called Sayer Clinic and saw Chris. He immediately diagnosed the cause of the pain, Trapped discs. And after a few treatments with him, I feel as if I have a new back, and most importantly - NO PAIN! I would recommend Chris to anyone who has back pain.

Anne Warren, October 2014

Dear Chris, I would just like to say a Big Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all your help and saving my life. Without your help I wouldn't be here today. Thanks for doing the X-Rays and getting me to go and have an MRI scan. Also would like to say many thanks to everyone at the Sayer Clinics.

Osvaldo, October 2014

Big thank you to Chris Berlingieri. I had suffered from back pain for the last 3 years, was going really desperate with it and had spent lots of money on it to no avail. Chris was patient and professional and helped me get back on my feet and now I can work on my computer, have no back pain and can enjoy life. For people who are desperate from back pain I will strongly recommend this Doctor because he knows what he is doing. There is no question on my mind. Cheers


Richard Fulford, October 2014

I first came to see Chris Berlingieri at Sayer Clinics about two years ago, complaining of severe neck pain just below the base of my skull. It was determined by X-Ray that the top two vertebrae where significantly out of alignment. I began treatment right away, which consisted of massage, acupuncture and structural adjustments and within a few weeks my neck began to stabilize and the pain was eliminated.

I have been very pleased with the results, have been pain free ever since. I continue to visit Chris Berlingieri on a monthly basis for a regular check-up and adjustment. I would highly recommend Chris Berlingieri to anyone suspecting they could benefit from Chiropractic care.

Jan Davis, October 2014

I have been a patient of Chris Berlingieri over the last 5 years. I visited him after all other treatments had failed for a serious neck problem.

He not only cured the problem, but gave me my life back. I will always be indebted to him and Sayer Clinics for the wonderful treatment received.

Jill Attree, October 2014

I was diagnosed with Coccydynia in February 2014. After my GP telling me this would go on for months and offering me no treatment, I felt at an all time low and the thought of being in pain and unable to sit for any length of time, led me to do some research online. Here I found Sayer Clinic with fantastic testimonials from former Coccyx patients, being treated with manual manipulation.

I had my first consultation in April with Philip Hehir, he immediately put me at ease after explaining my symptoms and having X-Rays, showing my coccyx in the incorrect position, he started manual manipulation treatment on my coccyx, neck and spine. Also Philip advised me on my diet and gave me exercises to follow. It is now June and after weekly treatments, I am now a new person, pain free, able to sit normally again and two stone lighter! Thank you so much Philip!

Ali Cotton, October 2014

Chris Berlingieri is a magician! I severed my coccyx 4 years ago and had most of it amputated 2 years ago after it failed to heal in alignment. Unfortunately the surgeon did not remove it all and I was left with a 'stump' which caused immense pain when sitting. This in turn caused lower back pain as I tried to avoid sitting on it. A year ago I started to see Chris Berlingieri and after starting to see him twice weekly for chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and ultrasound I am now 85% fixed and only see him every 3 weeks now. I had given up ever feeling better and resigned to the surgeons's prognosis of enormously strong painkillers for the rest of my life (I was only 45!) so to feel this much better is a miracle.

I could clone him and have him work nearer to home in Wiltshire, but 180 mile round trip is so worth it! Thank you, Chris.

Dennis Wheatland, October 2014

Not for the first time I have had to visit Chris Berlingieri with a problem in the lower back area. This time I had struggled back from the Middle East but an early visit to the Doctor started the repair. Several more visits completed the recovery. I much appreciated the pleasant and professional service that Chris Berlingieri provides.

Jennifer Morice, October 2014

Sayer Clinics were recommended to me by my health insurance as I needed further treatment for lower back pain after being initially treated in Dubai. I was treated by Chris Berlingieri and I have been very happy with the progress and the huge difference it has made. I was worried I was forever going to have a dull ache that I would have to live with but as the treatment goes on that has all but disappeared. The potential for discomfort eases with every session and I am pleased to say I very rarely feel any pain or discomfort now. I would definitely recommend Chris and Sayer Clinics to anyone in pain!

Kellie Burge, October 2014

I would strongly recommend anyone with coccyx pain to visit Michael Durtnall. He is a genius. Professional, friendly and genuinely wants to help you get better.

Jari Heino, October 2014

Dear Team Sayer Clinics, I have been very happy with your Physiotherapists Sofia and Marta, who are very professional and give good treatments and advice for self-healing. This has been pivotal in recovering from a hip replacement surgery. The only positive challenge is to get available times in Kensington clinic, but I have learned to book them well in advance.

Nick, October 2014

My extremely tight thigh and calf muscles and low back and neck have always been prone to spasm and injury despite regular sport and exercise.

I always book way ahead to make sure I can see Agata Pujsza weekly at Sayer Clinic Kensington or W1 for her exceptional physical therapy bodywork massage. She keeps me free from calf muscle tears and totally clear of my previous episodes of acute back or neck pain.

Agata is unbelievably gifted in her fascia, muscle work and 'nerve flossing'. Agata's deep massage relaxes all my muscles and dissolved all my stress - the only time in my week when my brain can rest. Agata is the best massage therapist in London.

Jill, October 2014

Hello Briony, I just want to thank you for seeing me at your Cavendish Square location on such short notice last week, when I was in London visiting. You were so professional and listened closely to what I said about my neck and back pain symptoms and past chiropractic experiences. I felt much better the next day and had no trouble getting on the plane to go home. I told the concierge at the St Ermins Hotel about my experience and hope they will send any future guests to you.

Leonardo, September 2014

My mother had been suffering constant misery with 20 months of coccyx pain. She had seen every possible doctor and consultant with no improvement so I flew her to London from Italy to see Michael Durtnall. He did sit/stand xrays straightaway, saw that one of the tailbones was badly twisted and was fortunately not fused together in this new position. Michael painlessly unlocked the misaligned tailbone back to normal movement. My mum was immediately transformed into a happy smiling person who can sit and move and travel easily without pain. It has been an overwhelming miracle for our whole family.

Pernille, September 2014

Having suffered from severe pain in my lower back and coccyx for a very long time, Michael Durtnall was able to determine the cause of my pain from the digital X-rays, something the doctors at the hospital were unable to. After starting treatment with Michael and his colleagues Marta Dias de Oliviera, Chris Berlingieri and Briony Geekie, I am much better and stronger. I've gone from being bedridden to an active life exercising daily!

All treatments have been handled very professionally and with the help of Ines in charge of all bookings, I can always get an appointment when suits me.

I can highly recommend the clinic, and can honestly say that Michael Durtnall has drastically changed my life for the better.

James B, July 2014

I've needed chiropractors before but when I bent and twisted to get a bottle of water from a low cupboard and was struck by a massive jolt of agonising lowback pain, unable to move for an hour, I felt totally demoralised and decided I had to get an MRI and see a neurosurgeon. I was definitely going to need disc surgery because this was the worst back pain I'd ever had. It was also going to ruin my long-awaited summer holidays.

Then my wife reminded me of the great things we'd heard from friends about London chiropractor Michael Durtnall. I checked him online and his testimonials were awesome. I called Ines at Kensington and she kindly fitted me in to see Michael at the end of his late clinic and after thorough X-rays and medical examination, he treated my low-back. When I got off the manipulation table I had absolutely no pain and have had no pain since.

 I've now recommended Michael to many friends. He gets stunning results but also subtly fixes his health, exercise, posture and diet messages deep into your thought processes for what he calls 'your future health' and he's clever, funny and a great guy.

Vera Jamieson, May 2014

I can breathe fully again. The profound posture changes I experienced at Sayer Clinics was initially physical but also benefited me mentally and emotionally. I endured chronic sinusitis, rib constriction and pain and mental fogginess and was worried it was my age and normal to live with shoulder and neck spasms daily despite living on Nurofen.

I have been liberated by the revelation of spine and muscle manipulation and postural changes from the brilliant Michael Durtnall and recently closer to my City office with super-physio Sofia Pinto and awesome acupuncturist Nobue Imai. I'm now set on Pilates, a fresh simple diet without sugar, irritants or alcohol, great posture and good sleep.

My body has now been adjusted and aligned to a flexible and graceful posture which feels strong and confident. I am urging all my friends to take advantage of these clinics to get great posture and regain vibrant health. Thank you for Michael, Sofia and Nobue for your wonderful help.

Shafak, May 2014

Michael Durtnall is the best ever. He is the most wonderful person one can meet and receive treatment from. His expertise is THE BEST and I believe no one can ever match him.

Dr Darya P, April 2014

Michael, Good luck with your research - it should be easy compared to the daily miracles you do at your clinic. I mean two spinal surgeons couldn't help me, but you did !

Erin, Dublin January 2014

''My first trip to see the highly recommended coccyx and back pain specialist Michael Durtnall in London UK was four years after my very bad fall. It was extremely painful for me to travel. Michael was exactly as everybody on had described – understanding, knowledgeable, professional with a lovely sense of humour. This immediately puts you at your ease. He was really the first person to take any interest and to engage with my problem. Before that it was like talking to a brick wall.

Michael x-rayed me standing up and was able to show me the exact spot on the coccyx causing me my pain. As with many of his patients, the upper part of the coccyx was beginning to calcify from the trauma. Because of this, when I sat down, my coccyx did not curl under with me as is normal but stayed straight like a pylon. This meant you were sitting on a straight coccyx. That was what was causing the pain. It often felt like I was sitting on a knife. Finally an explanation, right away this changes everything. You're not mad. It was great to have the pain identified, explained and acknowledged. Michael manipulated the coccyx for about a minute. It is not painful. He also used thin acupuncture needles inserted into the tense muscles around the coccyx and also ultrasound. I was given intense, specific, frequent exercises to do regularly every day.

Gradually I have improved and can sit much longer than I could before. I have been back six times so far and each time the coccyx has become more flexible. Today I am about 70 % improved and I will go back to Michael to continue treatment. I have been able to sit for up to seven hours at night-outs, driving and flights. This was impossible before. I am careful not to overdo it and I take breaks from sitting too long. Some patients get instant and complete relief because they sought his help a few weeks or months after they originally felt the pain. The sooner you go and get diagnosed and treated the better it seems to me. I am very grateful to Michael Durtnall. He has genuinely helped me and enabled me to live my life fully again.''

Mariana, December 2013

I have been seeing one of the best chiropractors in London, Briony Geekie, for her gentle and accurate neck and back treatment and Nobue Imai for her shiatsu massage and Japanese acupuncture at Sayer Clinic in the City for just over three months and have seen so many positive changes in my posture, energy, digestion, calmer attitude to life and improved general wellbeing. I initially decided to consult them because they are the best reviewed chiropractors in London for neck pain, shoulder and arm pain and computer-related headaches.

After the first few treatments my family noticed such a huge improvement in me that now Briony and Nobue treat my son and daughter, my parents, sister, brother and many of my colleagues and friends.

I always look forward to my treatment time with Briony and Nobue because it helps me not only with my physical health but also the confidence to permanently let go of the poor health choices I used to make. I now create the life and future health I wish for me and my family.

I am so grateful and you are both amazing! Thank you.

Catriona, October 2013

Dear Michael, Just a little something to wish you the very best of luck in Dubai 'YOU CAN DO IT'. Here is a photo of the sunset I took after my last treatment with you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my quality of life back. Words alone will never express how grateful I am to you.

Your special gift is truly special. If you feel any fear at the conference remember the photo of the sunset and you will know in your heart the joy that your work brings back into peoples lives. xx

Chris Morgan, England & Great Britain Powerlifting, Multiple British, European and World Champion: October 2013

"During my career I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best sports injury specialists and medical practitioners in the world. Michael Durtnall has a thorough understanding of the spine and sports injury treatments and is an important part of my medical team.

He has helped me on numerous occasions to overcome difficult injury situations. I’m very grateful to him for his assistance and can highly recommend him as an extremely talented chiropractor."

Ms Lam, October 2013

"Had treatments with the excellent Sayer Clinics chiropractic doctor, Philip Hehir, who is passionate in helping one to ease back and neck pain. Philip was very patient in giving me explanations just how my pain exists and with care and guidance these pain can be reduced and stay away for a long time.

I had burning pain in both of my hip area for 4 years and I was not sure if anyone can treat me three weeks before leaving the country but after a X ray, a diagnose was formed and action was quickly taken place. Although each treatment left me a bit of aches and sometimes sore in my hips and legs each time it settled down and now I feel great.

I now have to keep up with the exercise given. I am extremely happy to have picked up the telephone and then had these treatments. Most of all I feel I am very fortunate to have met such caring, upbeat Philip Hehir who made me laugh through my pains. Thank You"

Louisa, October 2013

"After being told by my GP that my tail bone hurt because I was too thin and that it was all in my mind, I was eventually sent for a MRI scan only to be told there was nothing wrong. My mum could not stand seeing me in agony anymore and searched the internet for help. We found Sayer clinic in London and thank goodness we did.

Michael Durtnall immediately took x-rays and found that my coccyx was pointing in the opposite direction! From the x-rays he also saw the problem with my hips and neck. A year ago I found it agony just to sit down and had to have special cushions and back rests. None of these are needed now. I could hardly walk for more than 10 minutes without having to stop and rest. I still go back every few months, and am so grateful we found Michael."

Pascale, September 2013

"I came in February 2013 to Sayer Clinics - London chiropractors with great testimonials - for a strong pain I had on the top and bottom of my left foot (between 3rd and 4th cartilage of the foot). I also had the same symptoms on my right foot but less painful. I am a slack-wire performance artist so I need to function 100%.

I was received and treated very well by Ines the most charming receptionist and the back specialist Michael Durtnall. I was diagnosed with the symptoms of "Morton disease", but not the disease itself which was relieving to know.

I had the option to have a treatment in this clinic and have no regrets to have chosen it! I started to come once a week for a month at first then every two weeks for treatment on both feet but also on my neck and back to improve posture and relieve stiffness.

My foot pain improved by 70-80 % within 2 weeks and I was pain free after 3-4 months of treatment. In the meantime, I was treated for stiffness in my neck and lower back due to bad posture while walking, standing and sitting in front of the computer. My general health has clearly improved since my first treatment at the clinic. My experience has been very pleasant and I am highly satisfied by the treatment I received there. I would recommend to anyone who wishes to receive a top professional diagnosis, warm welcome and high quality treatment, really worth it for the money."

Fiona, September 2013

"I live in Ireland and this is my coccyx story. In February 2013 I gave a birth to a baby boy 8lbs 3ozs. He was delivered via ventouse vacuum after an induced 11 hour labour. I received an epidural after 6.5 hours on the oxytocin drip. Soon after the effect of epidural had worn off I began to experience a terrible pain. I could not lie down nor sit normally, lifting myself out of bed was complete agony. Bowel movements were extremely painful. During my 3 day stay in hospital I was prescribed painkillers and no other advice. I saw my GP at my two week check-up and mentioned the pain, her response was that the coccyx was ‘tricky’ and I should see a physiotherapist. I saw my consultant obstetrician at my six week check-up who also advised physio and if the pain was still there after 6 months to see my GP. Through my GP I requested an X-ray (which came back clear) and then an MRI which came back ‘normal’, the attitude to these procedures was that they were a waste of time and money and that I needed to give my back time to heal. I underwent physio weekly for 4 months, but it did nothing for my coccyx pain. The daily problems I was experiencing included: -driving was painful, long car journeys were agony -pain moving from sitting to rising position, -pain on transfer from left to right (when lying down) -unable to lie down straight on my back -no reclining in bed (Made breast feeding very difficult). -no sitting on soft seats/couches -unable to exercise post partum I suffered with the pain for more than 6 months.

Finally and through my own research on the internet I came across and emailed Michael Durtnall, the world-class coccyx and pelvic pain expert chiropractor in London. He agreed to review my MRI scans and he came back to me immediately with a diagnosis: my coccyx was bent backwards to a 20 degree angle and this was the cause of my pain. I decided to travel to London to see Michael Durtnall. I have seen Michael twice and have another visit planned for October 2013. The improvements have been dramatic, I can now stand easily from a sitting position, recline in bed, drive easily, transfer from left to right at night with no pain, sit comfortably at dinners etc and am able to sit on a number of couches now for a period with no pain. I am so thankful that I found Michael and came to see him because without his help I just know where I could have turned. I was worried about the prospect of returning to my job as an office worker where I need to sit all day or any future pregnancies as I could not imagine going through a pregnancy, never mind a delivery again for fear of worsening this pain. The pain really impacted the enjoyment of our first baby, I got through it but looking back it was very difficult, I now have a very positive outlook thanks to Michael Durtnall."

Nicholas Jones: Character Actor

Michael Durtnall is the "Heineken" of chiropractic back pain specialists ... He refreshes the parts others cannot reach.

Sir Ian McKellen:

"Michael Durtnall has the wonderful gift of healing and he relieves the pain we suffer with his hands and his machines"


"I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come anything like your Sayer chiropractors blog on the connection between coccyx pain, pelvic pain and musculoskeletal low back pain that’s both equally educative and amusing, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that not enough men and women are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy that I came across this during my hunt for something concerning this."

Bryan, April 2013

"I visited Chris Berlingieri with a massive pinched nerve in my neck from playing football with my son. Chris Berlingieri relieved the excruciating pain in the first visit and put me on a road to recovery. The subsequent visits have been extremely helpful and ongoing chiropractic advice on posture and exercise have eliminated the acute neckpain. I was in a pretty bad state and am now functioning like a normal human being. Thanks Chris!"

Emma, February 2013

"After jumping into the sea from some cliffs on holiday i landed on my bottom and for a year after i had severe pain in my coccyx. After being treated by numerous different Doctors and therapists, having cortisone injections, nerves electrocuted for pain management, even being prescribed anti-depressants with no affect i found Michael Durtnall in London. He x-rayed my coccyx and found one of the joints was out of line and was resetting in the wrong position. The relief to hear the pain was not just in my head was unbelievable. After a few sessions seeing this wonderful man Michael Durtnall i was back to a pain free life, i am forever grateful."

Khalid, February 2013

"Before seeing Chris Berlinigeri the sciatic pain that I was experiencing down my right leg was unbearable for close to 3 months. Numerous ‘specialists’ diagnosed me with a trapped nerve and acute sciatica. Needless to say none of their treatments gave me much relief beyond 2 hours of them taking place. Even the painkillers and anti-inflammatories given to me by my GP were having little effect. By the time I found Chris Berlingieiri I was in a dark and very painful place lacking of hope and any kind of comfort.Upon seeing me for the first time Chris Berlingieri did digital xrays and diagnosed me with a slipped disc in my lower spine which was causing the sciatica pain. He immediately began to treat the source of the problem and within three weeks of seeing him twice a week I had remarkably improved. When I finally had an MRI scan the results showed that Chris Berlingieri’s diagnosis was correct. I would recommend anyone with spinal and disc problems and sciatica to go for help at Sayer Clinics and see Chris Berlingieri without a second thought."

Max, November 2012

"Put simply, Chris Berlingeri is an astonishing practitioner. I had seen many London osteopaths and chiropractors over the years and none has compared with him. Gentle, understanding and a superb technique, I have recommended him to several friends over the years, and all have stayed with him.First class, it’s a pleasure to recommend Chris wholeheartedly."

Anne, Ex-ballet Dancer

"Michael Durtnall is the most skilled musculoskeletal manipulation practitioner I have ever met. As an ex-Ballet dancer with difficult joints I have seen many chiropractors and osteopaths in London in my life-time and Michael is by far the best. He has uniquely intuitive and sensitive manipulation skills allied to unsurpassed diagnostic knowledge and intelligence. I recommended him highly."

Vanessa Fenton, Dancer, Royal Ballet

“As a dancer with the Royal Ballet I suffer from many injuries due to the strenuous nature of my training and the way in which it is necessary to push my body physically. Not only has Michael Durtnall helped me with pain relief but also with alignment and postural problems. There is no one or clinic that I could recommend more highly."

Sandy, November 2012

"I have a severe chronic lower back problem which first ‘appeared’ about 20 years ago. For a long time I spent every day waking up with constant backache and permanently wondering if my back would go into spasm which I dreaded. I made my first appointment with Chris Berlingeri 16 years ago after seeing a number of chiropractors who had not managed to help me with my condition. I was rather sceptical about achieving any long term relief at first but i was pretty desperate to find something that would help me manage my daily life with no pain or discomfort. However today i can say that Chris gave me a new lease of life very quickly. He has regularly treated the many and varied symptoms of my condition and has helped me to avoid surgery. He will always manage to give me an appointment when i have (less and less frequent) sudden mobility problems and i have always felt totally confident in his methods and his treatment. In addition he recommended me to an excellent Pilates teacher about 5 years ago and regular one to one sessions on a weekly basis combined with visits to Chris at Sayer Chiropractors in London mean that most of the time I have no issues with my lower back at all. Sometimes i imagine what my life would be like without Chris and it is a bit scary. In all the time I have been treated by him I have never questioned his judgement or his methods and never felt that I needed to see another chiropractor. I will always be grateful to him for the way he has improved my quality of life and improved my health"

Warren, August 2012

"Michael Durtnall is a wonderful healer and has helped me manage my coccyx and neck pain for a number of years now very successfully. If you suffer from either form of severe or chronic pain, which I have lived with all my teenage and adult life, I highly recommend Michael who is clearly the best chiropractor in London"

Isabella, December 2010

"Excellent treatment by coccyx specialist in London - Michael Durtnall.

I dislodged my coccyx last summer and struggled to sit down for months. Eventually after reading about all the horrible coccygectomies, I called Michael, convinced nothing would change.

There was a crunch and a few more and it was back in place. It doesn’t hurt at all and for anyone who’s never been manipulated… you haven’t lived! It still moves around every now and again, but I now have a normal life and a normal coccyx and can sit down without worry or operations."

Ally, December 2010

"Thanks for looking after my shoulder and hip pain and my sports-mad family whenever we have needed you. Mike, Chris and Briony are way the best chiropractors in London. Sayer clinics team also have the best massage in London with Olga and star physios Agata and Sofia and the truly world-class Nobue Imai who must be London's best Acupuncturist & Japanese Shiatsu therapist - amazing healers and ALL lovely people."

Viv Craske, Novelist

"Michael Durtnall not only solved my back pain, but taught me that good posture redoubles confidence and promotes well-being. I am sure that with Michael's help I will find the same kind of happiness and success that he has."

Chris Morgan, Team England, Powerlifiting

Hey Michael, Yes!!! Without Doubt ... !!!

I won Silver at the Europeans ... and then Gold at the World Drug Free Championships in Turin last December.

I'm truly thankful for meeting you and the assistance that you've provided. You are an integral part of my team, and offer valuable experience and expertise.

I'm sticking to your advice and all of the prescribed excercises and treatments. Your diagnosis and 'long term' management plan was 100% correct. My body feels great and I'm in the best shape since my injury last year. Off to Chicago next week in an attempt to win my 6th International medal. I'll drop by and see you on my return for a check up.

Hugo Saner

”I was 29 years old when I first had back problems, since then I have wasted so much time and money seeing different "specialists". Everyone gave me advice for my problem but none of it made sense and certainly none of it helped or got to the root of the problem. Sayer Back Pain Clinics in London have a great following and international reputation with athletes & made the difference for me. They gave me the right advice and thanks to their direction I have now had the operation and since then they have helped my progress to a full recovery. It really does help having found someone who really knows what they are doing who was able to make the difference to my life."

Natasha Ahmad,

I have suffered from recurring back pain for the last 20 years and have tried numerous treatments. When it is acute I am usually unable to walk for about a week. Last time it struck me I was on my back for a month (serious predicament for a yoga teacher!). When I came to the Sayer Clinic Kensington and the brilliant Michael Durtnall's treatment room I finally felt I was in the hands of someone who could really help me. The first person to actually take an X-ray, he found that I had a fracture in my spine from when I was a teenager, spondylolisthesis, and severe veering of the spine and a twist to top it all. All this was causing irritation to my L4/L5 nerve which would become inflamed and I was, therefore, unable to walk.I began to heal almost immediately with regular treatment and having taken on board new exercises to strengthen my core and straighten my spine. I am now stronger, fitter and straighter than I have ever been in my life.

Dr Mairianne Campbell, Chiropractor, Saad Spine Clinic - Saad Specialist Hospital, Saudi Arabia

"Michael Durtnall, as visiting specialist to the Saad Specialist Hospital (SSH) in Saudi Arabia, is invaluable in treating patients, teaching, liasing, studying, learning and sharing his manipulative techniques and experience with the chiropractic, physiotherapy, orthopedic, neurosurgical and podiatry doctors and therapists here at SSH.

Michael was the first chiropractor in Saudi Arabia, regularly caring for the Saudi Royal Family in Riyadh and Jeddah since 1984 and was instrumental in setting up the original chiropractic backpain clinic here in Al Khobar, the first in Saudi Arabia, which has now grown over the years into a central part of what is now the Middle East's premier JCAHO & JIA accredited, 1,000 bed hospital with the foremost international technical and specialist facilities and centrally incorporating chiropractic care with an advanced scientific and diagnostic, yet holistic approach. The department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation made the move from the outpatient clinics into the commissioned hospital and evolved to 100+ Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Orthotists, Prosthetists and assistants who see 10,000 patient visits per month.

Dr Amy Bowzaylo, Director of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation here at the Saad Specialist Hospital and myself are both chiropractors and with the help of Dr Michael Durtnall, the Chiropractic pioneer of Saudi Arabia, we have gained recognition with the Ministry of Health (MOH), licensing privileges with the Saudi Health Counsel, become an integral part of the infrastructure of an unprecedented health care facility, established the Chiropractic Association of Saudi Arabia and have introduced the Saudi health care system and people to the world of Chiropractic.

"Dr Mairianne Campbell (Chiropractor) Deputy Director of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Supervisor Saad Spine Clinic, Saad Specialist Hospital, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jason Henley, Director of 'V Tennis' and Professional Tennis Coach

I have been a patient of Michael's for the past sixteen years. When I first went to see him my body was in a real mess, I'm an ex-professional tennis player and now a professional tennis coach so over the years my body has taken a real bashing. It had got to the stage where not only was I in continual pain with my back, neck and shoulder but also my posture had got very bad indeed. I have seen so many chiropractors, ostoepaths and physios in my life but Michael came strongly recommended, so I decided to give him a go. From day one he helped me so much and over the course of the first month I felt pain free for the first time for many years. On top of that the exercises he showed me that I could do on my own made a real difference to me. Not only does my body feel the best it's ever felt, even better than when I was 21, he’s helped me change my lifestyle, diet, flexibility and I'm much more relaxed in my mind and body. I have referred so many people to Michael and his associates over the years, young and old, fit and unfit and all without any exception have sung Michael and Sayer Clinics praises, not only for their skills and how much difference they’ve made to them all but also for the extremely friendly manner they all have. He has really made a difference to my life and I totally endorse him to anyone.

Chris Morgan, Team England, Powerlifiting

Message for Michael Durtnall ... "Best sports injury chiropractor in Britain": Just a quick note to let you know the result at the weekend ..... I held my new 'position' and 'technique' all through the competition ..... Did not place myself at risk once ..... and NO pain ..... I secured my place in both this years European and World Championships ... But also ... Quite a surprise ... British Powerlifting Champion ... My first British title ... Quite amazing considering my state only a few weeks ago ... and hardly any training. A huge deadlift of 242.5 kilo in the final round settled the issue. Michael ... Your advice has been invaluable this last few weeks ... Diagnosis and rehab exactly right .... Many Thanks Chris Morgan -Team England, Powerlifiting

Hey Michael, Yes!!! Without Doubt ... !!! I won Silver at the Europeans ... and then Gold at the World Drug Free Championships in Turin last December. I'm truly thankful for meeting you and the assistance that you've provided. You are an integral part of my team, and offer valuable experience and expertise. I'm sticking to your advice and all of the prescribed excercises and treatments. Your diagnosis and 'long term' management plan was 100% correct. My body feels great and I'm in the best shape since my injury last year. Off to Chicago next week in an attempt to win my 6th International medal. I'll drop by and see you on my return for a check up.


I have been treated by Michael Durtnall since 1998 for lower back pain. Michael was the only medical professional that was able to diagnose and treat the source of my problem which was a huge relief as my daily activities had been severely limited by my back pain. Naturally I have developed a very trusting relationship with Michael over the years and I shared with him that my husband and I had been thinking about starting a family. We were preparing ourselves for some challenges getting pregnant as I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). However Michael assured me there were some alternative treatments that could assist me in getting pregnant such as acupuncture. Apparently there are certain points in the female body that can be stimulated by acupuncture and can prepare the body for conception. Also, the success rate of acupuncture has been more closely monitored by the World Health Organisation and is receiving favourable results. Since I had everything to gain by trying acupuncture I underwent a few sessions performed by Michael. Shortly thereafter I became pregnant and we have just had a beautiful baby girl. I cannot say for certain that the acupuncture was the sole factor in my pregnancy but it was certainly a substantial contributing factor and I will certainly be employing Michael’s services when we are trying for more children. Thank you.

Jon Sharkey

I was training for a marathon and then on one particular training run, my back and hips completely seized up. It was diagnosed that my sacroiliac joint froze or fused. Chris Berlingieri managed to fix the lower vertebrae and realign my hips such that I was fit to run within 4 weeks. I have continued to get treatment for 3 months in an effort to free up years of poor posture when sitting and sleeping. It was in my view a minor miracle that I went from severe pain and very little movement, to being able to complete the marathon comfortably. Thank you Chris!

Carole Tyrrell

Sayer Chiropractic in the Medical Mainstream! After five or six visits recently to a local physiotherapist my acute back pain was worse and it was beginning to affect my legs and other functions. I could not sleep at night even with the maximum dose of over-the-counter analgesics. A visit to my GP was conducted with me kneeling on the floor with elbows on the chair. He gave prescription painkillers and the blessing to seek treatment from anyone who could help. After coping with various upper and lower back problems I felt like the prodigal daughter returning to Michael Durtnall, the most incredible and the best chiropractor in London, for treatment.

Twenty years before he had successfully manipulated my spine curing long-term pain and minor disability resulting from a whiplash injury. Not an accident this time, causing unbearable pain, but the reactivation of a lower back injury. After a couple of treatment sessions at Sayer Clinic I was 90% better. Michael taught me to stand better and exercise my joints in order to sustain the improvements. For those fellow sufferers of chronic or acute back pain there is that blessed point when you realise that you have forgotten to take the extra strong pain killers as the pain has subsided to tolerable levels, or even disappeared.

During treatments I learned how far chiropractic had come and was now the first point of referral by many enlightened London GPs who had heard of Sayer Clinics amazing reputation as the answer to difficult spine and joint problems.

From an alternative treatment, the practice of chiropractic has enormously improved by statutory regulation. Chiropractic is so far into the mainstream that its regulatory body has been approached by the NHS to become part of their service. Studies have shown that benefit from chiropractic is long term and reduces recurrence of back pain. But it’s the individual’s own story which underpins the success of chiropractic - when all else has failed. Sports men and women are particularly prone to injury but worse still are the legions of IT office workers with poor posture, sitting long hours at the computer with the chair, screen or monitor at the wrong height – laptop-users especially at risk of neck, shoulder and arm pain. It can result in a range of spinal deformities and muscle pains which can be seen in relatively young people. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that much debated medical problem results from small movements of the hand on the keyboard and mouse. The old-fashioned typist was not at risk as the keyboard was struck with some force and the carriage return provided a bit of exercise as well. It’s not just about manipulating backs and joints, Sayer chiropractors, London osteopaths and physical therapists have a strong emphasis on exercises to strengthen abdominal and perineal muscles. One of the observed outcomes of these is an improvement in men’s sexual functioning. Up to 75% of men can effect their own cure for impotence through correctly carried out and regular exercise. Of course the exercises improve women’s bladder and vaginal function as well. Well worth thinking about as we grow older. We were not built to sit for long periods - our body’s inheritance is physical work and in some way modern woman, man and child must get enough proper exercise if they are to live into healthy old age. Even children are at risk from spinal deformities; the heavy schoolbags they drag from class to class can result in lopsided shoulders. A visit to the second truly great London chiropractors for manipulation and advice on exercise can dispel many of the aches and pains that the body can be affected by at any age. One of the more challenging cases that chiropractor Michael Durtnall has treated was a polio victim from the U.K. epidemic at the end of the 1940s and early 1950s who I referred to see him in Kensington. These now older polio sufferers are beginning to display features of the post-polio syndrome, many of which are spine, joint and nerve related.

Michael confirmed on x-ray that James - suffering from aching feet, ankles, knees and back - had a very significant leg-length difference measured by standing digital x-rays of his hips and low-back that were 30mm out of level with a resulting compensatory spinal scoliosis and arthritic neck. With James’ array of symptoms we realised he might become confined to a wheel chair within 10 years. In extreme cases like this, a patient might expect months of regular manipulation treatment and to faithfully carry out exercises during the treatment period. In James’s case his curved spine has been rearranged after three months of treatment. A built-up shoe and regular exercises completed the regime. James said, “Michael Durtnall explained the chiropractic process, which has been well worth it. He has helped me recapture a quality of life I never thought possible.”

Heather Elton:

Michael Durtnall is extremely knowledgeable and the most caring chiropractor who helped me overcome coccyx and sacro-iliac pain. I trust him implicitly as his adjustments are precise and gentle. It is an illuminating experience to have an x-ray of the spine as we can see our underlying structural problems and learn how to make changes in our body to work through pain and discomfort. It is particularly interesting to yogis, and I recommend Sayer Clinics' Chiropractors in London W8, Cavendish Square W1 and Michael's colleagues at their Moorgate EC2 city clinic to my yoga clients and to anyone who wants a more functional and flexible body. They always tell me how much better they feel after treatment with Michael.

Sayer Clinics Therapists and Chiropractors in London are highly qualified health practitioners. We diagnose using standard, widely accepted neurological and orthopaedic tests, spinal examination and digital radiology and treat patients with safe and effective manipulation, physical therapy modalities and postural rehabilitation. We do not treat patients with drugs or surgery.

We follow evidence-based clinical practice always using the current best evidence available from systematic research, in consultation with the patient, integrating our specific, individual, clinical expertise and experience.