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Carrying the Weight of the World on Your Shoulders

Dr Chris Berlingieri says "Many of our patients are surprised to know that their head weighs approximately 10 pounds, the weight of an average sized bowling ball"
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Why Whiplash Can Be Such A Pain In The Neck!!!

Whiplash is the term often given to a neck injury sustained in a car accident, though in some cases the middle and lower back can also be effected and similar injuries can be experienced with other traumas, for example, when someone slips and falls or is jolted forcefully during sport.
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The truth & some myths about MRI for Low Back Pain.

Low Back pain (LBP) is very common and UK's primary reason for GP visits.The financial burden of LBP on the NHS and on our working population is massive. Most people can’t afford to be off work for one day, let alone a week, month or longer.
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